Saturday, September 20, 2014

BMobile Vodafone not up to management standards.


Bmobile Vodafone lack of management skills are in doubt again since the past and current redundant staffs have not been served with their STATEMENT OF EARNINGS as required under the IRC Policy and Regulations Act.

To date most of these redundant staffs have been constantly communicating with the Bmobile Human Resource Department in relation to their entitlement payments of tax calculations and seem all efforts for assistances have fallen on deaf ears.

The current employees have also confirmed they are yet to receive their STATEMENT OF EARNINGS from the Management as well. How can Bmobile Vodafone with a small team of nationals not provide such documents for their employees nor have such information on record?

Can the Group CEO of Bmobile Vodafone, Sundar Ramamurthy and his Human Resource Advisor/Consultant Chris Taukuro explain the reasons for such a long delay for the past redundant staff as six (6) months is a long wait for any form of response from Bmobile Vodafone?

It seems, the management lacks knowledge and is incompetent of what is required in terms of providing such information as the employer to the employees.

Bmobile Vodafone Management must be removed since policies and regulations governed by Labor Department and IRC are not adhered to.

Can the Minister for State Enterprise Hon. Mr. Ben Micah, Labor and IRC officials intervene to fast track such grievances for the national staff, past and present?

The strange story of Sovereign Green Global Australia, Green Giant Venture Fund, Astra Resources and a REDD project in Papua New Guinea

Sovereign Green Global is, according to its website, running a REDD+ conservation project, “located primarily in the Milne bay province of Papua New Guinea”. The project covers “approximately 125,000 hectares of rainforest”. But details of the project are scant and the information that is available rings plenty alarm bells.
The REDD project in Milne Bay province is supposed to reduce emissions from deforestation by protecting the forests from logging and conversion for agriculture. It will do so, according to Sovereign Green Global, “by offering the farmers financial incentive and intact forests rather than income received from deforestation”.
Sovereign Green Global does not explain how this will prevent logging or palm oil companies from clearing the forests.

Clean Development Mechanism or REDD?

The project is listed on the CDM Bazaar, a website run by the UN Environment Programme as “a global ‘virtual information exchange place'” about the Clean Development Mechanism that is “open to all interested parties”.
At a first glance, the website looks like an official UN website listing CDM projects, but in fact any company can register and post its project details on the website.
On CDM Bazaar, the Milne Bay project is described as an “Avoided Un-Planned Deforestation project”, using an “an existing CDM methodology”. The project idea note lists seven methodologies, and states that “the project falls within the category AFOLU – REDD – Avoiding unplanned deforestation and degradation (AUDD)”. That is, of course, a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) REDD activity, but it is not recognised under the CDM.
The project idea note states that the project is “located in PNG and contains 58,967 ha of rainforests”. That’s less than half the area claimed on Sovereign Green Global’s website.
The project idea note states that VER credits will be available from the project from January 2014. But a page on Facebook, titled “Carbon Trade Project”, includes a photograph of “the MOA and MOU with Sovereign Green Global Australia Ltd for the REDD Project in Mimbui land and East Collinwood Bay”. The photograph is dated February 2014:
So much for free, prior and informed consent.

Sovereign Green Global

A company called Sovereign Green Global Ltd was registered in the UK in November 2012. The company address was 145-157 St John Street. For £49.99 per year, Companies Made Simple will register a company at this address. Sovereign Green Global shared this address with almost 40,000 other companies.
In January 2013, Tony Adams took over as director of the company, and remained in place until the company was dissolved in June 2014.
Tony Adams is also the Chairman and Founder of Sovereign Green Global Australia Pty. Ltd., the company with the Milne Bay REDD project on its website. The company’s website provides little information about the company, apart from explaining that,
Sovereign Green Global Australia is a global company with a network of individuals dedicated to Humanitarian and Environmental Issues.
Sovereign Green Global’s website was registered (anonymously) in January 2013.

Green Giant Venture Fund

The project idea note explains that the REDD project in PNG is being developed by Sovereign Green Global together with the Green Giant Venture Fund.
Other than an address in Brazil and an address in the USA, Green Giant Venture Fund’s website provides little information about the company.
There’s not much information available elsewhere, apart from a series of press releases of agreements with companies developing carbon projects. Such as this one, in which Green Giant Venture Fund is described as follows:
Green Giant Venture Fund has expertise and experience in Carbon Credit Project (CCP) Development and provides technical, political and legal support required for the project and client. The Fund will also advise as to the strategy and tactics for effecting a forward financing by framing a strategic partnership in the Carbon financial sector and by executing a Carbon Finance option (FSCCP) aimed at capitalizing the client’s current and future (CCP).
Green Giant Venture Fund has been hired by several companies to sell carbon credits.
Grant Galloway is the director of Green Giant Venture Fund. In 2011, Green Automotive Company hired Green Giant Venture Fund:
Green Automotive Company Corporation (OTC:GACR) announced today the engagement of Green Giant Venture Fund as part of the Company’s plans to sell forward it’s expected allocation of carbon credits generated by future sales of it’s zero emission, All-Electric vehicles through the developing “Cap and Trade” commodity market.
You can read more about this on, here and here. Galloway appears in the second of those links.
Today, there is no mention of either “carbon credits” or “Green Giant Venture Fund” on Green Automotive Company’s website.
Green Giant Venture Fund’s website includes this statement about carbon credits (emphasis added):
Buyers have five reasons to purchase carbon offsets. They purchase carbon offsets for compliance to regulated markets, pre-compliance to regulated markets, investing for a financial return, carbon neutral product offsetting, and public relations.
The bit about investing in carbon credits “for a financial return” sets off more alarm bells.
Green Giant Venture Fund’s website lists the PNG REDD project and states that,
PDD [Project Design Document] is currently under development and is 90% completed. Estimated at 48m VCU credits with possibility of moving to Gold Standard.
The Milne Bay project idea note includes the Gold Standard’s logo at top of each page, suggesting a little more than the “possibility of moving to Gold Standard”. I’ve written to the Gold Standard to check whether Sovereign Green Global obtained the necessary permission before using the Gold Standard trademark in this way.

UPDATE – 18 September 2014: REDD-Monitor received a response from Lisa Rosen, the General Counsel of The Gold Standard Foundation, shortly after this post was published. “Sovereign Green Global’s alleged REDD project in Milne Bay is not a registered Gold Standard project,” Rosen wrote. “The use of The Gold Standard logo by Sovereign Green Global in the Project Idea Note is not authorized and is, therefore, illegal.”

Astra Resources

In March 2014, a UK-based mining company called Astra Resources PLC announced that it had signed an agreement with Sovereign Green Global, under which Sovereign Green Global would provide €20 million “equity capital injection” followed by €780 million in “equity capital, knowhow and assets”.
Sovereign Green Global’s Tony Adams said,
“As Chairman and Founder of Sovereign Green Global Australia I fully support Astra Resources and its endeavours to create a cleaner and more sustainable environment for future generations. Sovereign will invest substantially in developing this new technologies [sic] and will now make a further commitment of carbon credits to the ongoing process of the green energy solutions that Astra are developing.”
The Australian describes the deal as “particularly curious”, and notes “that there appears to be no evidence that [Soveriegn Green Global Australia] has the capacity for multi-million-dollar financing deals”.
By a strange coincidence, Astra Resources’ registered address is 145-157 St John Street, the same address as the UK version of Sovereign Green Global.
In 2013, a former director of Astra Resources told the Australian that a document that the company used to raise up to US$45 million from Australian retail investors contained “significant misleading and false statements”. The Australian reports that,
Among those statements was a claim that Astra Mining was looking to raise €1 billion ($1.42bn) via an initial public offering on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, of which $700m had already been committed by major Korean and US investors.
Which sounds strangely similar to the deal with Sovereign Green Global.
Astra Resources’ press release states that,
SGGA [Sovereign Green Global Australia] are currently in the process of completing projects in the following areas and they are PNG Milne Bay, Philippine Province of Negros, and Vanuatu. These three areas specifically relate to over 200 million REDD+ Credits. These credits are at the stage of certification and will be settled over the next few months. The credits will be warehoused with a major investment bank and a line of credit will be allotted to SGGA.
In May 2014, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) started legal action against Astra Resources PLC and its directors.
On 4 June 2014, Astra Resources was suspended from the European Share Trading Exchange GXG Markets. Here’s how GXG Markets explains the suspension:
The Company is currently under suspension for supplying inaccurate information that was required as a condition to move up from the GXG First Quote to the GXG Main Quote market and has previously been suspended for corporate governance failings in relation to filing accurate information to Companies House (UK) in a timely fashion.
On the same day, Astra Resources announced that it has “taken a very significant position in the carbon reduction market on its balance sheet in exchange for 270m Euros of scrip”. (Scrip is a substitute for legal currency – outside the company it is worthless.)
The carbon reduction benefits are from the management of tropical rainforests at a country level throughout the Asia Pacific region. Astra’s partners have negotiated country level agreements, and are using an internationally recognised financial registry, as well as the most experienced science teams in the region.
So it appears that Sovereign Green Global has sold carbon credits from three REDD projects (that may or may not exist) to Astra Resources (a company facing legal action and that has been suspended from GXG Markets) for scrip (which is worthless outside Astra Resources).


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Israel’s Shadowy LR Group Graduates From Growing Veggies To Buying PNG Power Corporation. Anyone Smell a Rotten Egg?


It defies simple logic how an Israeli company so small and invisible in its own country could be creating everything from A to Z here in PNG, with its eye on running the national power grid and holding us hostage to pay whatever price they demand for electricity.

Israeli’s LR Group is back in the news again.   Sometime in 2011 our shady Prime Minister found LR Group to be the perfect partner for PNG, even though its track record at setting up any project that sustains itself without their permanent and profitable involvement is questionable and they seem very secretive, even to their employees on what they’re really up to (see

Late last year, shady Peter had LR Group do a simple middleman business deal, sourcing 2 generators for PNG that initially were said to be coming from Israel’s Israel Electric Corp (IEC) as used equipment, but then strangely arrived from the USA from General Electric, which is likely the manufacturer.   That switcheroo was never fully explained.  Of course we’re assuming we can believe either The National the Post Courier when they report these things.   

Why would the PNG government even need a middleman company for such a thing?   Governments never need middlemen, we all know!   They have giant purchasing power.  They buy straight from the source for the best price!  

On the other hand, middlemen deals are the perfect setup if the idea is to start a corruption kickback collaboration.  Not to worry, our shady Prime Minister said that eveything is above board and all we need to do is put our trust in him to do the right thing.   Ahhhhh yaaaaa Paulparakayaaaaaaaaa!!!

Close on the heels of buying and reselling big generators, LR Group then became the international experts in Agriculture for PNG, picked by Peter to resurrect the old Ilimo farms for vegetable growing.   Are we to believe the LR Group, based in a desert country, is suddenly THE expert to grow food on the very wet tropical lands where world agriculture was virtually invented (ever heard of 10,000 year old evidence of agriculture discovered near the Hagen airport)?   Oops, we forgot.  LR Group can build and do anything .  They are world miracle workers, especially when the request for their help comes from developing countries run by shadowy leaders. 

What they don’t seem to be able to build is the first major project they proposed for PNG.   It was in The National on 15 September 2011 that LR Group announced a “major industrial complex to cater for animal husbandry, crop farming, training, storage and marketing” that thy would be developing, starting in SHP.  

It’s 3 years later.  Where is this major industrial complex?

Let’s forget about that one and focus only on projects that are promised rather than those that are never delivered.  The latest boggles the mind.  This past week, LR Group was back in the news again, now being introduced to the people of PNG as THE experts in Hydro project engineering.  In fact, they’re ready to create a hydro scheme that will provide all the needs of SHP!    SHP?  Fancy that!

The two PNG pollies who rushed forward to share this announcement with LR Group chairman and director Ilan Weiss were (is this any surprise?) SHP Governor Anderson Agiru (commonly known as ‘Gamblin’ Andy’ at the Reef Casino in Cairns) and Tari Pori MP James Marape (whose personal sticky dipping into Hela funds was documented several years ago through a list of cheques drawn from public accounts that was published on PNG Blogs).

While we know this is of no interest to the hard working reporters of the Post Courier and the National, may we ask the following:

Who’s going to own this hydro facility?  

Who’s going to operate it once it’s completed?  

What equity and profit-sharing will the landowners have in this operation on the Gari River that promises to produce dirt cheap power for the people of the highlands?

Where are the economics in building what is stated to be an AUD $510 million project that supposedly will generate power for a fraction of the price that the current PNG Power charges.   How does cheap power pay back such an outrageously expensive investment?  

One last question.   Why is NONE of this project funded with money coming into the government and properly budgeted?  None of the cost of building this white elephant is coming from LNG revenue.   Instead, it’s all being paid for with borrowed money, payable with interest.  Of course!  That’s Peter O’Neill’s speciality.  It’s called living beyond one’s means.  

This deal sounds as smelly as the people involved and let’s make sure we don’t leave Ben Micah out of the stinkpot.    Ben is as bad as Peter in never admitting fault for anything.  As the fingers are moving towards him, fat Micah is frantically trying to shift the blame to Peter O’Neill’s yessah yessah Port Moresby fan club aka NEC, for making this crazy decision to sell PNG Power.   Sell PNG Power?   Sell it to who?  

To the shadowy LR Group, of course!  This has been known for months:  see

Looks like there’s going to be a very big cake for our extraordinarily fat Micah to stuff his face with the moment money trades hands.   If there’s one thing we all need to know about Ben, it’s that he loves the high life and the high life costs truckloads of kina.  Much more than he could possibly pay for off the salary we taxpayers give him to work full time for the people.

James Marape also needs something to keep his balloon belly full, now what will it be this time?   Surprise, surprise, it’s a free around the world trip for James!  He’s going to be traveling to New York, London and Tel Aviv over several weeks in October and November for a fun fun fun road show.   Are the wantoks also invited, James, and by the way:  who’s going to pay for that big sandwich?
We don’t know yet what’s in it for Anderson or for O’Neill, but undoubtedly there will be more than enough freebies and payouts to make everyone happy and send Gamblin’ Andy back to the casino to contribute to the Cairns economy.

There’s more yet.   “LR Group Chairman and Director”  (that’s what The National tells us) Ilan Weiss, who made the big announcement of the hydro scheme,  is not THE director for LR Group.  Instead, he is one of many directors, and his area of specialty, is it electrical engineering?  Civil engineering?  Hydrology? 

Nope!    Ilan’s specialty is agriculture!   This is the same Ilan Weiss who was announced the major agricultural industrial complex in 2011!  

Does this story get any stranger?  Of course it does as more oddities and ugliness come into the picture.   For example, what’s this story about “fuel shortage” for PNG Power that PNG Power Chairman John Tangit was warning about?   Why would PNG Power suddenly be having shortages of fuel that they weren’t able to plan ahead for, especially noting that PNG is an exporting nation with a refinery that can produce all the fuel PNG Power needs?   Tangit said the problem was pricing and delivery.    Why would there be a price change all of a sudden?    Oh no!   Could we be talking about………..PUMA……. the new owner of the oil refinery and distributor of its products, who bought the used refinery that was purchased and shipped to PNG by InterOil for a whopping US $525.6 million?
Puma is the boss now with distributions of PNG oil and no one in government has yet leaked whether Puma also got the sweet deal that InterOil enjoyed for more than 13 years (with another 17 to go) of being able to charge every man, woman, and child in PNG a price for kerosene and diesel after adding a “fake transportation charge” as if the crude oil had come from Singapore.    Is Puma not getting that same deal in selling fuel to PNG Power or are they greedy for more?    For more about the shady Puma Energy, see

No wonder PNG Power’s employees are cross.    They can see for themselves that there’s a huge amount of suspicious activity regarding PNG Power that is going on behind the scenes.    Their jobs and livelihoods are at stake but sweet backroom deals are taking precedence over any concern fo them.    And as always, the PNG government is making clear by its actions that nothing it says is to be believed and that all of us who just want reliable, reasonably priced power are absolutely last in line.

And so the story goes, la la la la la.   But remember this:   Every time the power goes out over the coming weeks or months, please don’t blame the PNG Power workers.   Blame O’Neill, Micah, Agiru and Marape, all of who are in cahoots with LR Group to bring us the world’s most expensive electricity.   Point your fingers at them and demand oh so many explanations regarding the unfolding story of PNG Power.