Thursday, October 23, 2014


The Supreme Court this morning is hearing an urgent application filed by Prime Minister seeking interim injunction orders preventing Police from taking further action against him in relation to the Paraka-gate scandal.

The Prime Minister filed the application joining the James Marape's appeal case currently before the Supreme Court. Marape filed an appeal in the Supreme Court in July appealing the decision of the National Court Judge Kariko's ruling back in June refusing to grant a stay on the warrant of arrest against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Pending the full hearing of the appeal Supreme Court granted interim injunction orders against Police arresting Marape. Prime Minister who is also facing further charges in relation to the Paraka-gate scandal is now seeking the same orders from the Supreme Court.

The matter is listed this morning before three man bench of the Supreme Court.



Prior to the District Court issuing the warrant of arrest against the Prime Minister in May 2014 Finance Minister James Marape filed proceedings in the National Court to tax (assess) the legal bills paid to Paraka Lawyers. This was an attempt by both Marape and Prime Minister to legalise the legal fees paid to Paraka Lawyers so neither would face charges for their part for issuing the payments.

When the Arrest Warrant was issued the Prime Minister rushed to Court to join those proceedings filing an application preventing police from arresting him.

However the National Court Judge Kariko refused the Prime Minister's application. The Judge said police and Prime Ministers were not a part of the substantive proceedings which is to determine the legality of the legal bills paid to Paul Paraka Lawyers through taxation.

The Judge ruled that the administration and control of the police force is vested in the Commissioner of Police under the Constitution. Only in the clearest cases of abuse of police power should the court intervene in a police investigation. He said in this case there was no such evidence of abuse of power.

James Marape then filed an appeal challenging the decision in Supreme Court.

Pending the substantive appeal (full hearing of the proceedings) Marape sought and was granted interim injunction orders against police arresting him pending taxation proceedings filed on the legality of the K71.8 million bills paid to Paul Paraka Lawyers.

The Prime Minister is now seeking the same orders preventing police from arresting him on further charges relating to the Paraka Lawyers.

NCD Gestapo Government & Agents Deny Culpability In Death of Buai Selling Grandmother. Tkatchenko Hugged By Weeping Mothers

PNGBLOGS Contributor Network

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Head NCD Gestapo Agent and Grandest Chief Powes Parkop has confidentally declared that the Buai Ban will go on, no matter how many human lives may be lost in the process.

Clean streets are the overriding goal, Chief Parkop says, and all other concerns take a back seat, Grandest Chief added.

Grandest Chief Parkop urged all citizens to speak angrily against anyone who had written against the PNC O’Neill Government over the dead grandmother issue in the social media. He urged friends of the PNC to flood the social media with messages supporting Gestapo policies and the PNC government of Ultimate Chief Peter O’Neill.

The Grandest Chief was accompanied yesterday by City hall reservists, police, and a crowd of supporters of the Gestapo government, all of whom said they witnessed what happened and stated with confidence that they were not involved, had nothing to do with it, never saw the killed grandmother, and never seen an elderly grandmother in their lives, and possibly the whole thing was made up to smear the PNC government.

Pleased with such an impressive show of full scale deniability, Grandest Chief Parkop said the investigation would continue with reports that there was a witness who would appear and testify that the grandmother actually had been killed because she thought she saw Deputy Gestapo Chief and NCD Minister of Flowers Tkatchenko passing by and all caution blew into the wind as she rushed out to greet what turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.

Grandest Chief Parkop urged all citizens not to dirty their minds thinking all red marks on the pavement in NCD now symbolise the spilt blood of the tragically slain grandmother. Grandest Chief also angrily prohibited any talk out loud or mental connection between red stains on the pavement and the blood of Jesus Christ whose concern for the struggling poor and elderly was legendary.
Grandest Chief Parkop said that Jesus would never take the side of buai sellers no matter how poor or downtrodden they might be because they were dirty and lazy and Jesus doesn’t like dirty and lazy people. Grandest Chief proudly proclaimed the Gestapo to be on the side of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ to be smiling down in approval at the Gestapo PNG government.

Grandest Chief Parkop went further to explain that Jesus would have considered clean streets and sidewalks free of human debris, including whole human bodies to be a sign of holy cleanliness and that anyone interpreting the Bible differently was an enemy of the State.

A reporter from the anti-progress, traitorous Pangu Party, now led by the deceitful Sam Basil, asked our Grandest Chief about the touching story of the disabled Zebedee Moseto who sold buai on the streets of Lae hoping to buy shoes to participate in the Team Morobe sprints and shotput events at the Pacific Games.

Grandest Chief replied and said he had greatest delight and joyful happiness that the young man wanted to participate in the Pacific Games, an event which Deputy Chief Tkatchenko has put together using many up to now hidden brilliances of his mind.

Grandest Chief said the Pacific Games are perfectly times as they would highlight the accomplishments and overwhelming support the PNG population had for Supreme Gestapo Chief Peter O’Neill and his PNC policies.

However he warned that while the young Zebedee Moseto was welcome to participate in the Pacific Games that he had better not continue his unchristian behaviour of selling buai to make ends meet during his time in Port Moresby or he would regret it.

Gestapo Grandest Chief Parkop finished his press conference by congratulating sidekick Gestapo Agent Justin Tkatchenko, who just completed a brilliant propaganda event cutting the ribbon for a simple water supply at Murray Barracks.

Grandest Chief laughed off the comment from the agent of traitorous Sam Basil that the photo of delighted mothers hugging Deputy Gestapo Chief Tkatchenko was a propaganda trick and posed especially for the media. Grandest Chief patiently educated the unpatriotic reporter of Sam Basil, saying that PNC’s newspapers were not controlled or manipulated by the State. All the media was doing was showing the truth that PNC citizens were expressing utter joy and overflowing happiness at all the hard work Deputy Chief Tkatchenko had gone through to bring the luxury of water to a few deserving people.

Round and round we go in endless circles with Manasupe Zurenuoc. A conspiracy or Incompetency

We’ve heard it all before, not once, but many times.  A senior public servant or national leader angrily says enough is enough about something people are doing.    There is a brief pause during which the problems stop or at least decrease.  No one is punished.  Everyone becomes confident again, and it becomes business as usual.   That is, until the next time that the senior public servant or national leader says enough is enough.

Round and round we go, where we stop everyone knows because we’ll never stop this crazy process that seems to be uniquely PNG.   Never being able to stop wrong doing of any kind at any level for more than briefly.   Always back to Square 1

Y:\PIX pol\Zurenuoc\roundandrounditgoes.jpg
One would have thought that Chief Secretary to Government Sir Manasupe Zureneuoc was going to be different.  He was presented to the nation as an action man who would change things for the better.  Well here we are more than 2 years into the O’Neill administration and once again we have the same old problem of our politicians and public servants traveling overseas for trips that are portrayed as VERY IMPORTANT BUSINESS THAT WILL RADICALLY IMPROVE PNG but which are actually pleasure trips at the taxpayers expense.  We’ve already heard Sir Manasupe tell everyone to stop the overseas junkets.   The same old problem has been front page headlines for how many times over how many years?   How many more times will we hear Sir Manasupe or his replacement have the same complaint all over again?

The Post Courier, with its usual idiotic style editorial, saluted Zurenuoc with the title “Crackdown on overseas travel long overdue”.    However to its great credit, the PC finally laid out the truth and that is that the problem has persisted forever and never seems solveable.    The PC correctly notes that all this finger shaking and warning about overseas junkets happened right after the 2012 election.  

To be frank, why is it that we seem to be completely incapable of making any changes for the better that last?  Why do other nations progress in the area of good governance while we always slide back to Square 1?  Why wasn’t the problem with overseas junkets solved ages ago?

The Post Courier didn’t provide the solution.  Yet, the answer is simple, it has always been simple, but no one wants to hear the solution because that would require some unpleasant action that we all want to avoid in PNG.   The solution is ENFORCEMENT, followed by STRICT PUNISHMENT.   Neither step has ever been strong in PNG.   Enforcement, followed by strict punishment doesn’t happen in our government, nor in our schools.   Private businesses do a much better job at this and that’s why they progress.  But PNG owned businesses?   Erratic results!  

The same reason why the pollies and the bureaucrats continually go back to their old habits and waste taxpayers money is the same reason why our politicians and bureaucrats continue to steal money and violate the public trust.   They have little fear of being caught, much less punished because in fact, hardly anyone gets significantly punished for these things.   So why do things right, it doesn’t really matter.  

Y:\PIX pol\Zurenuoc\2.jpg

The Prime Minister is part of the problem.  Have we so quickly forgotten when he promised to make any MP who was charged with a criminal offence to step down until they were cleared?  Ooops.  Forgot about that one!  He did make David Arore step down until Arore bribed the magistrate and Oro and was freed on charges of election fraud, but did O’Neill force Hela MP Francis Potape to step down when he was charged?  What about the child lover, Gulf Province Governor Havila Kavo.  Did O’Neill force him to step down?  Of course not.   Peter O’Neill only made the threat to deceive the public.  He had no intention of really punishing MPs in his government, because we all know what those MPs would do to him if he did THAT to them!   Look at the scheming David Arore as an example.

What about Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc, will he start prosecuting either MPs or government bureaucrats  over the lavish overseas trips, complete with wine, women and easy living?  Don’t count on it and that’s why you can expect the problem to continue around its endless loop.   You’ll see Sir Manasupe straight in the middle,his head spinning.   Sir Manasupe has no more guts than those before him.  His  own inability to be tough is the real reason for why the problem continues and no number of finger wagging threats are going to change things.  

That brings us to the title of this discussion.   Is the reason why we go around in circles due to incompetency or  conspiracy.   For the endless problem of overseas junkets, it is clear that Sir Manasupe is incompetent in being able to solve the problem since he resorts to the same tired technique that never worked before.   In the Prime Minister?   Peter O’Neill allows his own MPs to frighten him into only pretending to punish them.  He helps them, they help him.  That’s called a conspiracy. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Police have just surrounded the national fraud squad office at Konedobu to arrest the Fraud Squad teams Former members of ARRU fully armed shut down National Fraud & Anti Corruption HQ. These rogue officers got new weapons and ammunition at police armory yesterday. They went and received instructions at Paddies bar yesterday evening/night. Many cars were hired. They got drunk and this morning came to fraud squad and sieged. Many came fully drunk Many people saw full of policemen (the same ones) at paddies yesterday evening.

THE National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate office at police headquarters was under siege yesterday morning, seized by armed men from another unit.
The siege lasted four hours as tension soared in Konedobu through uncertainty of what was happening.
Multiple vehicles were parked around and on the roads at headquarters, cutting off public access to and from the fraud squad unit as armed policemen walked around the area. The public was too scared to ask.
According to a senior police officer, all the tyres on vehicles belonging to the fraud squad unit were deflated.
There appeared to be no intervention by the top hierarchy of the Police Force. There are already signs of frustration from many senior police officers over internal conflicts within police units, which threaten to spill into the public domain.
Some were talking of a mass walkout by dedicated officers, contradicting Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki’s recent reassurance to the public that the Constabulary was stable, intact and remained committed to discharging its constitutional duties in maintaining law and order.
Yesterday’s siege followed an attack on a fraud unit detective on Sunday after the fraud squad began serving court papers on police officers who allegedly interfered and frustrated the execution of the warrant of arrest on the Prime Minister in relation to the Paul Paraka Lawyers saga.
In a previous statement, Mr Vaki had said that in a briefing before his leave overseas, he had reached an understanding with the Fraud Squad that no action would be taken while the stay order on the arrest warrant was in place to maintain the status quo.
"In my absence, CSP Damaru sought and obtained authorisation from Deputy Commissioner Administration Awan Sete in his capacity as the Acting Police Commissioner to serve contempt charges on a number of policemen attached with the NCD-Central Command Task Force and Special Services Division based at McGregor Barracks.
"Orders issued by CSP Damaru and DCP Sete resulted in the serious confrontation between members of NFACD and the NCD-Central Command Task Force and Special Services Division based at McGregor Barracks where Sergeant Pokop and Detective Sergeant Premenga were assaulted," Mr Vaki said.

O’Neill Government Control of Television and Radio Will Allow An Effective Propaganda Machine

By T Edward

Recent news that Telikom will try to purchase EM-TV and NAU FM 100 is disturbing considering other indications that this government is moving towards creating a one party government. It would be a clear advantage to PNC and Peter O’Neill to control television and radio. His strongest opposition is developing in urban areas and television and radio penetrate the urban population better.

Controlling print media in PNG is less important to the O’Neill government. The 100% RH owned National newspaper already demonstrates that it touches the Prime Minister lightly when the going gets rough for him. The Post Courier is a shadow of what it was 10 or more years ago and largely incapable of doing anything but reporting news, including slightly editing and printing press releases given to them. Like the National, they show little talent anymore at investigating underlying hidden stories that contain the most earth shattering information. Telikom also would have a hard time convincing the rest of PNG that buying PNG print media was a logical extension to its existing operations.

However once Telikom owns EMTV and NAU FM, the Prime Minister’s press unit can feed stories directly to them and they will be used. You may remember last year about the NBC reporters being threatened over what they were reporting. This intimidation works especially well when the institution itself is owned by the government.

From the standpoint of those who watch EMTV or NAU FAM, everyone has the freedom to turn off the radio or television if you don’t like the messages. Few will do that. Most will passively listen to the news items and absorb, they will not question. Government propaganda machines take advantage of that situation to slowly but effectively change people’s minds to think more like how the government wants. Some recent articles on Bougainville described a situation where the autonomous Bougainvillean government is following advise from an Australian consulting company on how to effectively use propaganda messages to change the minds of average Bougainvilleans so that they will support the mine being reopened.

Once a propaganda machine is in place, it is normally used to wear down the remaining respectable institutions. The PNG judiciary is far from respectable but still functions good enough to be at least a temporary obstacle to the government, as recent events have shown. Propaganda can be effective at wearing down public support for the PNG judiciary and the best propaganda technique is to label the judiciary as politicised and against the government. O’Neill has already sent out these messages but would be more effective if those messages could be spread more widely and more often.

Because PNG never had to fight for its independence, the citizens of PNG have little appreciation for basic freedom of the media and of free speech. They don’t see any of these freedoms as being sacred rights. Also, the purpose of freedom of speech and freedom of the media has always been to protect minority, unusual, even offensive viewpoints from being silenced or eliminated.

Only the true intellectuals in PNG who are hit hard by the changes towards dictatorship and are most likely to rebel. These are the rare people who move societies forward anywhere in the world and are the sources of great innovation and progress. There are very few such people in PNG and most who call themselves intellectuals do not fit the definition. Nearly all the true PNG intellectuals have had at least part of their schooling overseas. Some have already left PNG in disgust at the overall national narrow-mindedness and lack of serious national debate about almost everything.

A dictatorship in PNG could easily threaten into silence, exile, control or eliminate that 1% intellectual elite of the population quite easily after it takes control the media. Political propaganda, properly structured, has and can turn a brainwashed national population against their own intellectuals. The government wins and continues to firmly establish its control over the minds of the people.

Expect the O’Neill government to make a crafty attempt to control the social media at the upcoming session of parliament by passing restrictive laws, as a first step to silencing PNG intellectuals. Blogger Martyn Namarong is an example of a true intellectual who was intimidated many months ago into closing down his blog and expect more such instances after this session of parliament.