Friday, July 25, 2014

Voluntary surrender of ACP Thomas Eluh and Sam Koim

Announcing the voluntary surrender of ACP Thomas Eluh and Sam Koim at Boroko Police station at 2:00pm this afternoon to be charged for whatever offence(s) certain members of the Police deem fit.

Information being circulated since this morning is that certain policemen want to arrest Messrs Gitua, Damaru, Eluh and Koim for certain charges (unbeknown to all of us).

Despite court restraining orders in place, it seems these people will not stop at nothing. The only way to show them true observance of the rule of law is for both of us to voluntarily make ourselves surrender to whatever it's worth


Just like all the Queens Counsels lining up and exploiting all legal loopholes to defend Peter O’Neill’s personal criminal case at the expense of the PNG tax payers, this foreign once esteemed judge is running Peter O’Neill’s conspiracy theory.

After repeated calls by reputable persons in the legal profession for him not to take up the offer in difficult times when the rule of law is clearly being tested by Peter O’Neill, the once esteemed retired judge Graham Ellis seem undeterred. He came to PNG to take up his newly appointed role as the head of an interim office created by Prime Minister O’Neill to replace Task-Force Sweep immediately after the appointment. Nobody knows, he must be still camping at a popular hotel in Port Moresby or running his office out of the Prime Minister’s own office where his new office would be conveniently placed at the height of serious allegations of corruption implicating the Prime Minister himself.

Another retired judge, Warrick Andrews, who is less opportunistic, heeded the call and exercised restraint. He has not taken up his role as the new commissioner of a commission of inquiry Peter O’Neill instituted.

Credence to the National Court, the National Court stayed the decision appointing Ellis and creating his new found office when it granted leave to Taskforce Sweep and stayed the decision of NEC. Despite that, the retired judge (who is believed to be still on the judges retirement benefit) has seen fit to come out to the media and claimed that he was in full swing with his operations as the head of his new found office. He claims to have received and investigated allegations of corruption.

It appears more clearly that foreigners and half-bred foreigners do not seem to have respect for our court orders and laws of the land. It is feared that people who were once custodians of the law and should be custodians are paying total disrespect to the court orders and carrying on with total impunity. They are all here for money.

Graham Ellis in his last media release claimed that he did not meet with any politician since or prior to his appointment. He said it again this time.

Well, Mr Ellis, who said you met with one? Is it a question of you pre-empting your innocence in an event someone raises it? Seems like you are jumping the gun and to all thinking persons, it is very obvious.

Lets say we believe you… But how did you get your confirmation to be appointed by NEC which comprises of politicians and the Prime Minister (your current boss) who is the Chair? How are you getting your instructions when under your terms of reference, you are supposed to report directly to the PM?

The last time Mr Ellis was in Port Moresby few weeks ago, he was seen meeting with Enga Governor Peter Ipatas at Holiday Inn (where Ellis is believed to be residing) for two full hours. Many people saw him and Ipatas. Ipatas is a close ally of PM and Isaac Lupari (PM’s Chief Strategist). Is that not a meeting with a politician, not to mention a veteran one?

Thursday, July 24, 2014



Former Police Commissioner Sir Thomas Kulunga has filed an application for leave for Judicial Review against the decision of the PM & National Executive Council (NEC) that terminated/retired him from office.

Kulunga's lawyer filed an urgent application in the National Court last week, but was only listed this morning (24/7/14) after short service on the State. Kulunga is seeking to be reinstated as Commissioner of Police. The central grounds of his case is that his termination/forced retirement by NEC was without proper cause nor was he given the right to be heard.

Judge Gava-Nanu adjourned the matter to 7th August 2014 after the State failed to appear in Court.
This recent development may chuck a spanner in the works in the PM's efforts preventing police from arresting him. If leave is granted and stay on Vaki's appointment then Kulunga may re-assume office and consolidate the force.

It was Kulunga who wrote to the PM on 16th June 2014 requesting he make himself available for a formal record of interview.

In the letter, Kulunga said: “With the greatest respect to yourself and your esteemed office, I refer to the above and request your attendance at the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate at Konedobu, National Capital District for a formal record of interview at or 1pm on 16th June. The interview relates to the allegations of fraudulent payments made to Paul Paraka Lawyers between February, 2014 and May 2013. The investigations were carried out at your request through Prime Ministerial Directive issued under your hand dated May 13th, 2013. Pursuant to the requirements of law, a warrant of arrest has been issued today, ordering police to arrest you. A copy of warrant of arrest dated June 12, 2014 is enclosed here in for your reference. You would note that a warrant is a court order demanding police to affect your arrest. It would help if you could make your way to the nominated time and place for a forma record of interview and answer questions that would be put to you formally.”

On the same date Kulunga wrote to the Police Minister Robert Atiyafa that he was taking special leave effective 18th June 2014 until Monday 4th August 2014 and Deputy Commissioner of Police Simon Kauba will perform duties as acting police commissioner.

But on 17th June 2014 the PM announces that “Cabinet has taken the decision to retire Commissioner Kulunga now under the circumstances" and appointed Geoffrey Vaki as Acting Police Commissioner.
In retrospect it was Vaki who initially challenged his termination in the Courts by way of Judicial Review in 2006 when he was then the Deputy Commissioner of Police. In the end the Court upheld his case on the grounds Vaki was terminated by NEC without a valid excuse prematurely made, unreasonable and not a good reason. The decision was also contrary to his Contract and ultra vires the Police Act 1998. Kulunga failed to execute the Courts orders to reinstate Vaki. Vaki then prosecuted contempt charges against Kulunga resulting in his conviction and 7 months sentence for hard labour. Kulunga filed an appeal and obtained a stay on his sentencing. He is currently out on bail while his appeal is being heard in the Supreme Court. Ironically Vaki is now also facing two contempt charges that’s currently before the Courts.

If Kulunga is reinstated he will have the command of the Force and although the National Court stayed the arrest warrants against the PM in relation to the Paraka-gate issue this does not immune a person from being charged on other allegations.

Companies circle Bougainville like vultures – waiting for the natural resource bonanza

In what seems a relentless cycle of resource companies lining up to take a bite out of Bougainville, on Monday Nevis Capital Corporation purchased a 50% stake in Tall J (PNG) Ltd (see the announcement below).

Tall J, is currently owned by Stephen Strauss, whose was the subject of a expose published via the MicroKhan blog in 2011, which includes a detailed response from Strauss himself (see below).

According to the company press release Tall J has rights to pristine Bougainville forest with timber valued at $1.3 billion, in addition to mineral exploration rights over 255,000 acres of land.

So what do we know about this company who has evidently purchased a large chunk of Bougainville? Not much. It has one subsidiary, registered in, gulp, Costa Rica, which focuses on the online gaming industry. From one swindling industry to another, it would seem.

And the company’s website hardly inspires confidence, either.

But as long as government economic policy hinges on the mirage of resource fuelled riches, companies like these will come sniffing for a quick buck; because like at the casino, the house always wins!

 Nevis Announces Investment In Bougainville Development, LLC

July 21, 2014

Nevis Capital Corporation (OTC: OCEE), is pleased to announce that they have signed a final agreement with Bougainville Development, LLC, a Mississippi Limited Liability Company, to acquire a 50% ownership of Bougainville Development in an all stock transaction consisting of Nevis common stock. The principal asset of Bougainville is a wholly owned subsidiary, Tall J (PNG) Ltd. of Papua, New Guinea, that has the contractual rights with the Papua Government to harvest the timber and to explore and develop the underlying minerals on 255,000 acres in Section 1645. Bougainville has a current investment in excess of $4,000,000 USD in this project. Mr. Stephen Strauss, BD Director, estimates that production should commence within 12-15 months for delivery of finished materials to Asian markets. Surveys from ITTO estimate that this tract contains approximately 2.5 million cubic meters of timber valued at $1.3 Billion at current prices, generating estimated revenues of $37 Million annually over a 35 year production and reforestation cycle. The Papua Government has endorsed the economic growth and development of their natural resources. Exxon Mobil has recently invested $19 Billion in Papua, NG, building one of the largest Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) projects in the world which began shipments in May with anticipated annual revenues of $7.2 billion. Nevis Capital expects the operational profits from this investment, the previously announced US producing oil and gas investment and expansions thereof, the Macau Live Online Gaming investment, and initiatives to acquire interests in profitable Medical Marijuana ancillary product producers to rapidly increase shareholder value for this development stage holding company.


Brendan Koerner – MicroKhan Blog, 8 July 2011

Okay, then, so what is the Tall J Foundation? Records are spotty, indeed—I couldn’t find a corporate listing in the United States. This forum post from 2010 suggests that Tall J has been soliciting investors for some time now, with a fantastic promise of 500 percent returns. If the poster is to be believed, the company’s director is one Stephen M. Strauss, with addresses in both Texas and Olive Branch, Mississippi. I got another pop on that exact name through a recent SEC case, in which a Stephen M. Strauss stands accused of orchestrating a pump-and-dump stock scheme while head of the Chilmark Entertainment Group.

Coincidence? Well, Chilmark was headquartered in Southhaven, Miss., just a stone’s throw from Olive Branch, so I’m thinking the answer is “no.”

The only other easily accessible trace of Tall J is this LinkedIn listing for one James Blackmore. But I can find no connection between Blackmore and Strauss—at least not yet.

The bottom line is that it seems that a tiny, shady-seeming investment concern actually appears to be wreaking genuine havoc on the Bougainville peace process. That immediately made me think of such infamous 19th-century filibusters as William Walker, who fomented great chaos in Latin America in the service of making fortunes. This is why private interests really shouldn’t be permitted to assume roles that might destabilize shaky governments; corporate self-interest is typically more at odds with international order than diplomatic self-interest.

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