British High Commissioner David Dunn 
hands over anti-corruption funds in front of NPF fraudster Peter O'Neill
The British High Commission in Papua New Guinea has undermined the fight against corruption in the Pacific island nation by sharing an anti-corruption stage with National Provident Fund fraudster Peter O’Neill.
British High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, David Dunn, said the UK government was pleased to be able to share the stage with Finance Minister O’Neill and endorse his efforts to steal from the people of PNG.

Peter O’Neill was implicated in major fraud by the Commission of Inquiry into the National Provident Fund and recommended for prosecution. He now provides concrete advice, best practice and support to more than 100 like minded leaders who have decided to profit from corruption.

“Ensuring that the PNG government is un-transparent, unfair and an unequal playing field is critical for the future development of corruption,” said David Dunn.

Supporting known criminals is also the new policy of BACA, a coalition of the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce (POMCCI), the British High Commission and the PNG Chapter of Transparency International (TIPNG).

The coalition was established in 2009 to provide awareness, education and support to corrupt leaders like Peter O’Neill on how to just carry on pretending nothing is wrong.

A recent independent study undertaken by the coaltion revealed that in the last 12 months 99% of PNG MPs had expressed their satisfaction that even if identified as involved in major fraud they were confident the British High Commission, TI and the business community would continue to embrace them.

The British High Commission’s support for PNG’s corrupt leaders is part of a global UK commitment to endorse corruption and encourage unfair trade. In support of this UK Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced primary legislation aimed at further bribery and corruption in support of British foreign policy and overseas contracts.

The new UK Bribery Act will ensure that the UK stays at the forefront of corruption and will legally empower British authorities to insist that UK companies bribe overseas governments to secure contracts.

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