Recent long delays to get my relatives issued with visas to come to Australia has prompted me to raise this concern to all Papua New Guineans. 

PNG is now classified Category D by Australian Foreign Services. PNG is in the same category as Afghanistan, Iraq  etc.
These countries are considered highly dangerous and problematic. Visa processing now takes one week before approval is given. This is to ensure proper background checks are made, whether people have sufficient funds to travel to Australia, whether their relatives in Australia are able to support them etc etc etc.

As PNG is category D classification, there will continue to be delay after delay at the Aussie High in Pom. What irks me is that PNG politicians do not seem to give two hoots about this, yet many flock to Australia like grasshoppers.

I was saddened to see my birth countryman standing for hours on end like cattle to be loaded on the road trains. I had tears in my eyes to see them standing in long windy lines. Many stand for days on end only to be told by the PNG locally engaged persons at the AHC to go away and come back later.

Is everyone aware that PNG is now considered not a safe country; that it is a category D listing country; that it is a volatile and highly dangerous country; that it is unsafe to travel and work in?
Yet Aussie companies are flocking to PNG because there is money to be made; yet Papua New Guineans cannot get free access to Australia

I recently took a road trip on the Hiritano to my home ples at Orokolo Bay Gulf Province. I had no problems, except for the car jacking in Pom, of course; and one would expect that to happen in Pom and not at Orokolo Bay.

Why has PNG degenerated into such a mess? mess did I say? to warrant a Class D category along with Iraq and Afghanistan?

Why are PNG politicians such wimps that they are not doing much to alter the rating PNG used to enjoy with Australia; a number 1, category A listing. Who is at fault? Certainly not the ordinary people. The politicians, the bureaucrats and the government systems that has eaten away the integrity of the people-are to blame.

Maybe this is stale news but the fact remains, and that is, PNG Citizens keep lining up outside Aussie High Com in Port Moresby.

How long is PNG going to remain a class D category country with Australia?

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