Respect for law, the beginning of good life

National Court judge, Justice Graham Ellis, in an address to the people of Enga , urged them to maintain their change in their behaviour so that the province is safe for those who live there or visit.

Justice Ellis said there has been a great thirst for justice in that province and he was happy that people were supporting his work to quench this thirst. In his own words, the good Judge said, “The change in the law and order in Enga Province has been caused by you, the people of Enga. The criminal cases that come to the National Court are the result of criminal behaviour.

In the course of dealing with the result of criminal behaviour, we seem to have had an effect on the cause of that criminal behaviour. That is the most important change that has occurred in Enga Province this year. It is up to the people of Enga Province to keep that change in behaviour so that Enga Province is safer for those who live here and for those who visit here”.

He told the people that what was achieved so far showed that the people of Enga are now supporters of the Criminal Code, which means life is more peaceful now that people genuinely want to keep it that way. He said law and order in place enables schools to operate, less violence reducing the workload at hospitals, and encourage tourism and investment in the province.

Justice Ellis, leaves his job after the New Year, but he left the challenge with the people of Enga to work on the improvements made in law and order. He added that the same should happen in the rest of PNG. And he is spot on, we add.

Crime, we are told, over and over again, is a serious impediment to our growth as a country and investments. Just ask the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the many institutions that provide financial and technical support to help us. Governments at all levels have spent millions of kina on tackling crime and they are continuing to commit more funds and resources to reign in the problem but, the situation is like the blind man, touching an elephant to try and work out its size.

Justice Ellis made those comments in Wabag on Tuesday this week which is Christmas week. And as people of a Christian country, we must allow the spirit and meaning of Christmas to flow through our minds and hearts. This is the time when we must commit ourselves to our God, who sent his only Son to earth to become man and died on the Cross to cleanest this world of our sins.

This is the time when we must commit ourselves to God, to change our sinful ways, to be born again and make a fresh start in the New Year. We must say goodbye to our corrupt life, we must put an end to our criminal life, we must throw our guns away for these weapons represent the devil in our midst and we must end our hostilities with our neighbours and reconcile. We must forgive and forget the wrongs others have done to us.

As our good judge says, when people respect the law, this is the beginning of a peaceful life in Enga. It can be for PNG where students will go to school; mothers, young girls and children will travel to places, tourists will come to our villages, businesses will thrive and generally, life will be better for everyone.

When we respect the law, the government will not have to spend a lot of money on the police force, the courts and the correctional services. Furthermore, the government will not spent a lot of money on the health service, in particular on hospitals, to provide care and treatment for the injured and death.

And with the money saved, the government can use it to provide much needed roads, bridges, airstrips, classrooms, health facilities and medicines. Let take this week to think about it.

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