Papua New Guinea on the brinks of a Dictatorial Regime


Today is a sad day for PNG as people whom we had hopes on have been contaminated, and our hopes crushed. The former Chief Justice could have given a better reason than being defensive for the PM over the Leadership Tribunal. Look at how he described the reasons for the removal of Mr Tamata.

He said Mr. Tamata was removed for non performance but failed to outline what sort of lack of performance. Did he mismanage the office? If so, what are the examples? Did he not do his constitutional duty? What are some examples?

Was he cited for contempt for not allocating lawyers to attend to criminal cases/call-overs like his Predecessors? So what are the reasons at this very crucial moment when the whole nation is looking forward to see justice prevail?

Can the former Chief Justice as a learned person justify his actions because you cannot afford to leave the people of PNG guessing?
Otherwise, Sir Arnold is just another puppet, executing the PM and his family’s will and the only conclusion that the people come up with is none other than PM’s own case.

Decisions that Mr. Tamata has made in relation to the Prime Minister’s case has restored the office of the Public Prosecutor and the public confidence that the office of the Public Prosecutor is independent. Some people even did not know what the office of the Public Prosecutor is until Mr. Tamata referred the PM.

Sir Arnold is saying that the National Judicial Service Commission is independent and is going to the extent of even outlining who constitutes that Commission. With due respect, it does not matter who constitutes that commission, as long as the decision that the commission makes is seen not to be political and independent.

The Commission is the only beacon of hope for this country but sadly today we are one getting one more step closer to a dictatorial type of government.

If the Government is serious enough, why another acting Public Prosecutor and why for only 12months?

Is it not true that Arthur Somare’s Judicial Review Proceedings is about to be finalised by March and he is going to face the same fate as his father?

Is it not true that the Public Prosecutor will be prosecuting the PM’s case when the matter is heard by the Tribunal?

Is it not true that Mr. Tamata has been appearing in Court with the Ombudsman Commission &State Lawyers regarding Arthur Somare’s case which indicated that once that judicial review proceeding are finalised, he was prepared to send Arthur to face the same fate as his father?

Is it not an attempt to send a message to anybody who will be handling the PM’s case to be wary of their own fate before handling his case? Is it not an attempt by the PM and his son to save their face with the elections coming around the corner?

Is it not true that the Chief Justice is dancing to Sir Arnold and ultimately the PM in this Judicial & Legal Service Commission where Sir Arnold who is the chairman and is strongly advocating for the delay of the Tribunal?

Can the Chairman of the Judicial & Legal Service Commission explain the exact things that Mr. Tamata did not perform or is he just simply changing the referee?

There could be something better than mere excuses.

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