Watch Papua New Guinea fall


Papua New Guinea as we know is now totally corrupt, the Judiciary the last beacon of hope for PNG is not as impartial as it used to be. In recent months we very experiences Judges sitting in the National and Supreme Court have been made to quit without having their tenures extended only to be replaced by senior lawyers who have been part of this government’s grab of power and statutory corruption at the beginning.

The recent appointments of Justice Kassman and Justice Murray is a slap in the face to the Judiciary, it paints a picture of how cheap the judiciary has become by allowing two lawyers involved with the government given preference to become judges. The Chief Justice handling of the Somare Tribunal is also a signal that the mechanisms held in place in the Judiciary is crumbling and so it seems when you hear of other Judges coming out in the national media lamenting decisions made is a signal that we have a country on the verge of falling like those with a dictatorial regime.

Papua New Guineans we are not dumb, we should look beyond Waigani and see this this country is being hijacked from the Treasury to the Supreme Court by a few elites who have no means to an end to all the crises we come against daily. The Rule of Law no longer acts for the common people as it seems those in authority bend and tweak the process and procedures by allowing their own puppets to act out to their own play. The puppet master and this monster called corruption are seemingly working hand to hand with the institutions of this nation.

When we have a judiciary that is weak, when we have a government that’s fails to sit in the Parliament for most times of the year, when we have weak institutions like the Ombudsman, Law Enforcement Agencies like Police, CIS and the Defence Force being led by cohorts of the National Dishonesty/Exploitation/Bribery/Fraud Party NA, you will then see that as stagnant as we are, we are not going anywhere and we are bound to be a failed state. All the development money intended to make this nation prosper is going to a few elites, the LNG project has caused this nation of hard workers to become beggars and lazy.

What development, give me some examples of the governments hands at work; most offices occupied by the government in Port Moresby are leased. All national roads are sinking fast with no maintenance plan for ages; our borders are falling with no immediate plan to upgrade our surveillance on national marine resources.
What can I do, I sit here and watch the man who built this house, this nation, help destroy it?

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