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Paul Kurai, Kundapen Talyaga and Rex Paki's Love Relationship with Don Polye


The headlines today are telling of what has been really happenning behind the backs of hard-working Engans, The National Alliance Party in the only highlands province to bring in nearly 90 percent of voting population to the NA Block in 2007 appears to be cracking. Sam Abal has decided to crack the whip by removing Don Polye who was the Deputy Leader of The National Alliance Party and the Minister for Foriegn Affairs.

The problem Don Polye does not understand is that once he is written off, he stands no chance of getting back the power he hungers for, he is weak, shakey and very emmotional, it is not what he can deliver in 2012, it is the basic fact we the people of West Enga see him as a weak parasite who feasts upon the ignorance of the Party Caucus. It may be fair to say he is the most experienced in the current stable of MPs but his traits dont speak any volumes. Comparing him to Mr. Sam Basil who happens to be a 1st term MP and in Opposition, Mr. Basil has delivered far more services than Mr. Polye in the 10 years as a Minister when he first got elected.

Now I want come back to my previous point of the love relationship between the the characters that decided to meet up and expel Sam Abal. I am no fan of any of these people, but unfortunately I live in the District and I could say I now know why this meeting was convened, you see, the Millions and Millions of Kina accounted for by the Works Deparment whom Polye is Minister has gone missing in years, no serious investigations are done to uncover the rot and theft in the system. 

So why is Paul Kurai crying faul over Polye's sacking? Polye is Paul Kurai's cash cow. Paul Kurai has become a multi-millionaire over night on the backs of Don Polye. So has Don Polye benefited from Kurai's purse? You bet. It is not only Polye that Kurai has jumped upon, Governor Peter Ipatas is also in the circle of those people who offer him tender for works in the Province. Paul Kurai is now feeling the pinch that if Polye goes, there is no way he is getting the millions siphoned through the ADB or World Bank. He should keep his loot from Polye's so called works contracts and shut up. He is a pest with his K1 construction company siphoning money with Polye. Look at Kandep, no way near; people are still waiting and road network is very poor and Kurai lives off Polye and now saw fit to expel Abal.

Abal is the son of legendary Sir Tei Abal and is a career diplomat who operates professional and has the right to sack ego filled, typical highland bigman type Polye, who has achieved nothing as works minister, all the road networks in PNG have collapsed, airports, ports etc as well under Polye's eyes. Such is a weak leader with a big mouth and ego filled heart. 

My advise to acting Prime Minister, you are doing a fine job, get rid of these leeches, they are living off money meant to bring development to our Province. On top of the sacking, Abal should get the Fraud Squad to seriously investigate the company holding of Paul Kurai, Rex Paki and Kundapen Talyanga. They have a love hate relationship, too much politics, time to clean house.