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Media in PNG Painting Rod Mitchell As Evil and John Mahuk as the Holy Man


The media in PNG is sickening in the sense that it lacks balanced investigative journalism. This story about the PNG Media Council misusing close to K2 million of AusAID money paints an even more scary scenario about PNG’s media.

(RADIO AUSTRALIA, Mon, 6 Jun 2011) ---- A senior figure in Papua New Guinea's media council has been suspended after an audit of Australian aid found anecdotal evidence of fraud. Executive director Nimo Kama has been suspended after an independent audit of AusAID's funding to the organisation. AusAID said the audit found funds “had not been managed in accordance with procurement guidelines” and there was “anecdotal evidence of fraud”. A spokesman declined to say how much money is involved, but the ABC understands it is a few thousand dollars. AusAID provided the council with $US500, 000 in 2010, but further funding has been withheld until an investigation is complete. Council president Joe Kanekane has confirmed Kama's suspension but said s there is no element of fraud, only that he was found "in a position of compromise". AusAID is a major supporter of the media council as part of efforts to strengthen the country's media.

The media in PNG has lazy journalists lacking investigative journalism. They have painted Rod Mitchell as a very bad person for NASFUND while John Mahuk’s applause hit the stratosphere. To the media, please check and report fairly. Mahuk is not a saint and his union days are numbered. The media also forgot that they ran stories earlier this year that the Maritime Workers were up in arms to dislodge Mahuk from carrying on as an illegal president without the democratic process of AGMs to elect proper executives including president.Did John Mahuk bring back NASFUND from the brink of collapse? Did John Mahuk pay double digit returns to Maritime Workers? No in fact he ran a deficit of K2 million so he passed a failed Maritime Workers Union Superannuation Fund to NASFUND to clean up his mess. Did Rod Mitchell make a run a loss for NASFUND in the last 12 years? No infact should be credited for paying double digit interest to member accounts year-after-year barring only one year where NASFUND paid 8% interest since 2000.

John Mahuk is occupying the President’s office of Maritime Workers Union (MWU) illegally. He was sacked from United Stevedoring Ltd in 2009 and from then on he is not an MWU member. Since then he has been holding onto the position of president illegally as he nor his executives failed to call Annual General Meetings (AGMs) in 2009 and 2010. 2011 will be the third year running when MWU won’t be having elections. MWU members protested against Mahuk’s illegal occupation of the President’s office in Fabruary 2011 and this issue is still outstanding.

Mr. Mahuk is a dictator using MWU for his own means and ends, It is unjustified in 2 years including this year of which he has been discharging Presidential duties as president of MWU without the mandate of MWU union members. He is making a song and dance about the K125 million SCITB because he wants a board seat on the NASFUND board. Him occupying the position of president for MWU illegally will not pass due diligence and the “fit-and-proper person” test by BPNG.

To NASFUND members if you’re worried about Rod Mitchell’s stewardship at the helm, think again when John Mahuk shoots down Rod Mitchell and becomes a board member of NASFUND.