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Peter ONeill, Jeffrey Nape, Jimmy Maladina are all thieves and opportunists who now have free reign over this country's coffers. They are the same fellows implicated in the NPF inquiry. Nape is the same fellow who is an ex-con from Barawagi Corrective Institution where he was a guest of the state for stealing and forgery. These guys cunningly orchestrated their way into the national life of this country. None of them have any integrity whatsoever.

So who are we all trying to fool by celebrating their self propelled opportunistic emergence in the public life of this country? That is not to say that every thing that the last government did was proper and legal. Not at all. However, we are a democracy and there is a proper process to ascend to government and govern this nation in the democratic tradition we have set. It was Mekere who established the Integrity of Political Parties laws for political stability. Yet when it suited him he has shown the nation that he is no better than everyone else, least of all live by the principles he has advocated all along. Especially when it comes to improper and unconstitutional usurpation and compounded manipulation of the systems and processes to entrance power that is clearly mandated by the proper electoral processes.

What the nation is witnessing at the moment is unnatural and indecent act of corruption of Parliament. This is what Jeffrey Nape has been doing all along even in the NA government. He has been using and abusing the neutral position of the Speakers seat, as the impartial umpire of proceedings to wield power and manipulate Parliament unnaturally. The Constitution has not given him that power. He just made it up as he went along and no one, not even our Politicians have had the guts and gall to to pull him into line. NA didn't check itself because it suited them. In the shadows and under the protection of NA majority government we have bred a spoilt brat, a Monster and a slithering snake, who one day woke up and ate the master for lunch and is seeking to strangle a nation.

Everyone is this country knows something is drastically wrong. That we have just been put through something we cannot quite put our fingers on but we know deep down that we have made a very very bad mistake, and yet we are struggling to understand it and somehow rationalize it all.

Let me state it for the record that this nation is bigger than any one individual or group of individuals. Let me also say that there are natural patterns and seasons that we follow as ancient people of this land to live. That by these seasons and rhythms of nature our people have survived and prospered throughout history. That once we break these natural patterns and laws of nature, we will pay dearly the price of that as nature seeks to correct our mistakes, just like a man who does not sow in season dies of hunger, or who plants in the wrong season watches as his crops wilt in the dry or die in waterlogged soil.

In the field of politics we are not following the natural progression of life. Power in traditional societies progressed and passed following a certain known pattern that resulted in order. When that didn't happen, we had war and chaos. Somehow, our people knew what is the right thing to do. Today, in our traditional and family orderings we always know what is the right thing to do no matter what the circumstances are. These values that are inherent in us have not been exemplified by this Parliament that is supposed to reflect the will of God. We are being overrun by thieves, prostitutes and whores of power.

Where is the nobility of our forefathers? Where is the pride in our nation displayed on the floor of Parliament? Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare may be the father of certain individuals, BUT he is more than that. Despite the politics of NA (of which the Speaker was a main player and part), Sir Michael is the father of our Nation. The indecency of the Speakers conduct against this great man flies in the face of what we all know to be the right and honourable way to live, treat other people and treat our elders.

The Speaker has broken the natural laws that govern our lives, and have so governed our ancestor's lives for thousands of years. What he has done is unnatural and indecent and immoral. He and those with him have prostituted the Parliament of this great nation. He has done it under NA and continues to do so now. For people like Mekere, Bart, Puka and others to glibly follow and grant credence to such conduct is a sad indictment on this nation.

We have paid a dear price with the Judiciary when Pius Wingti overlooked Mari Kapi in favor of Arnold Amet for the Chief Justices position. This resulted in a seriously fractionized judiciary, the scars of which have not quite healed to this day. In Australian politics we just witnessed Julia Gillard knifing Kevin Rudd in the back. That country will pay dearly for it, if not already.

No matter how we seek to justify it, what Jeffrey Nape is up to is pure evil. He was not elected to be a power unto himself. The people of this nation have not elected their leaders to go to parliament to perpetuate themselves, and yet that is what they have been doing. Rumors abound about Chinese women carrying bags of money around bribing power brokers in the dark of night to change position and alignment. These, if true, show clearly that we are deceiving the people of this nation and abusing the natural order of power and abusing the decency of our people.

This nation will pay for every act that does not accord with the laws of nature. Beware, nature will correct itself. Beware, Politician, you may be powerful, but you cannot control the power of nature. As you sow, so shall you reap. And yes, two wrongs do not make a right. This nation is greater than you as an individual. Have some respect for us and our ancestors, and our unborn children. If you don't we will call upon God, we will call upon nature to bring judgement on you and your descendants.

 - OneCountry PNGBLOGS