Betha Somare orders cut to NBC Feed at Parliament threatens staff jobs

Betha Somare
The world press freedom watchdog Reporters Sans Frontiers in Paris has received a very disturbing complaint about blatant political interference in reporting the current PNG crisis. 
The complainant claims that Betha Somare ordered NBC to cut off the live feed of Kundu TV during the Parlimentary session when allegations of corruption in Somare's team were to be aired. It is also claimed NBC journalists have been threatened about reporting these corruption claims. 
News coming in, PM O'Neill confirmed police have withdrawn their road blocks in key Government areas. His Cabinet (NEC) will be holding its first NEC meeting at 3pm at the Morauta Haus today.
The Armed Robbery Response Unit (ARRU) of the Police Force had just surrendered arms and have reported to Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga. The ARRU have been supporting Fred Yakasa and Team Somare. Signs of good things coming now!
The Papua New Guinea Trade Union Congress meanwhile its watching closely the current political impasse between the two factions.President Michael Malabag says he hopes the current deadlock is immediately addressed as it is bringing uncertainty and confusion.Mr. Malabag says he's concerned that the public service machinery and governance is currently dis-functional impinging on the national security of the country.            
He says the current political standoff is a national security matter as it calls into question the safety of the public, the ordinary people, the workers both in public and private sectors and their families. Therefore, Mr. Malabag says the unions are deeply concerned about what this political standoff is having on the people. However, Mr. Malabag says, the unions will NOT take action until they see the outcome of the proposed round table conference by the Churches.

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