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Removed as MP but is he back?
The Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea has given the O'Neill/Namah Government a major blow after it ruled this afternoon that the actions of the August the 2nd was unconstitutional and that there was no vacancy in the position of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare. 3 out of 5 judges say there was no vacancy in PM's office and election of O'Neill was unconstitutional

At this stage it is not sure what will happen to this government, whilst the court was in full bench ruling on the case, over at Parliament there was only one member of the opposition and the full government bench with the back-benchers debating the National Budget handed down last week.

Reports are are sketchy at this stage but at this stage there is likely to be a show-down between the Judiciary and the Legislative brances of the government to interpret the ruling. In other developments, it was reported on overseas media that the Papua New Guinean government has passed a series of amendments in parliament to legalise the prime minister's elevation to the top job.

Monday's move comes before the Supreme Court hands down its decision on whether Prime Minister Peter O'Neill was constitutionally elected when MPs voted to dump Sir Michael Somare and replace him with Mr O'Neill on August 2. The Act passed two readings of PNG's parliament by a vote of 71 to zero, as opposition ministers refused to show up ahead of the court decision.

Speaker Jeffery Nape announced that he was stopped by police this afternoon on his way to Parliament and was handed some documents. He says he did not READ the documents but will be handing them over to the Parliamentary Priviledges Committee to read and announce in Parliament later

PNGFM News reports: Speaker Jeffery Nape, says after the Parliament rescinded its decision last week Friday on leave granted to Somare and the ammendment made to the PM and NEC act this morning, there is now a vacancy and called for fresh elections of a new PM, 69-nil in favor of Mr ONIEL. Meanwhile Parliament has taken a break to rush Mr ONEIL down to Government House to swear him in as the newly elected PM.