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In the last 6 months the nation has had tie to reflect on what has happened since 2nd August 2011. The nation had grown weary of the antics of those around Somare, especially the gang of 4, in O'Neill, Arthur, Patrick and Paul. The person who cleverly manipulated the whole lot and benefited most was none other than Peter O'Neill.

Arthur was suspected of selling the country short to his benefit and I covered that in a separate article in this blog concerning the financing of the LNG project through Dubai connections. Arthur a person with no University degree suffers from inferiority complex and loves to listen to white men for advice had to do something clever and major in his life to let everyone know he is to be taken seriously. That is why he tried to do the LNG deal on his own, just like the mythical young Prince Arthur on a quest, but this time he stuffed up because he didn't have a wonder working Merlin by his side. So like Judas, for 30 pieces of silver he sold us short. The nation and the people have to live with his stupid deal. In seeking to throw off the shackles forever living in the shadows of his father, he has sold us down the stream. In time he will learn to regret that even his ill gotten gains, if any, do not make up for living with a clear conscience.

Then there was Patrick, as Treasurer, and later referred, who felt he was jilted by Arthur. He was one time promised the leadership of the Party as being the Heir apparent, but somehow that has slipped away from him. One night in a hotel dining room in New Britain after a day of party Caucus meetings Patrick felt sufficiently miffed to order the Grand Chief to 'shut up and shit down' to which the GC did as he was told. Then Patrick raved on in a drunken flurry of what he thought and expected. The GC after hearing everything went to bed.

Poor Patrick, he was always being manipulated in the background by Peter O'Neill who always told Patrick that he would be Prime Minister, and that he should confront the GC and tell him off. That was all O'Neill doing, whilst as Public Service Minister O'Neill got away with blue murder.

As Public Service Minister O'Neill had the world at his feet. He was talented enough to play the field. He got Cabinet to approve a K9 Million Housing Project for ( himself and ) Fred Reiher...that should be Sir Fred Reiher. Well not one house was built. But the K9 Million is gone. OOOOOOOOPPPPSSSS!!!! Fred Reiher has since disappeared from the scene living in Australia somewhere. O'Neill is not about to send operation SWEEP after Reiher is he? WHY NOT? ha ha ha !  well what about K250 Million worth of Communications project that he awarded to himself through his business Remington when he was Minister of the Somare government??? Will Operation SWEEP look into that because it is a dismal failure!

I challenge the CEO and the Owner of Remington to come out and give a full financial and audit Report on this site, and I will come out with my facts and figures. That is a day light Robbery of the people of PNG by Peter O'Neill on that project. It is amazing the Ombudsman is so silent on these corrupt deals.

Operation SWEEP will not get a look into these factual corrupt deals because they are hound dogs at the beg and call of O'Neill( Not Namah). If O'Neill wants them to bite Namah they will bite him, and Namah knows how many skeletons are in his closet. What O'Neill lacks in numbers on the floor of Parliament, he makes up for it all in fear tactics, and his man Ben Micah is the head of Neill's little Gestapo, while O'Neill parades around like the Snow white of Waigani. Thanks to Ben Micah who feeds the dogs on a daily basis.

As for Paul Tiensten, he was always a groupie, saved by family ties. He was not ambitious, as long as he got what he wanted and was part of a winning team like in a good rugby team, he was happy. Of course what he wanted and what he got has been fully displayed in the media in the Kokopo deal and the Travelair debacle.

So when people on the street said 'mipela less long Somare, they were really saying they were sick and tired of the antics of O'Neill, Patrick, Arthur and Paul Tiensten. When Mekere and Bart were criticizing the Kitchen Cabinet, they were referring to O'Neill, Patrick, Arthur and Paul, no one else.

O'Neill knows the corrupt deals they all participated in when he was a member of the gang of Four. He knows what he got, others know what he got. He knows what others got too. He has to protect Patrick because otherwise the house of cards will come crumbling down on him. Now O'Neill commands Operation Sweep and is trying his best to look good, but look at the pot trying to call the kettle black, and all the while pretending to be Snow White. ha!

Feeding just under the treeline but not too far behind has always been Jeffrey Nape. From every contract he lets out in Parliament, he has to have 80% and the contractor takes 20%. The state of Parliament is testimony to this. Kelly Naru, the main Lawyer retained by Nape, and a Lutheran who hasn't got the moral will power to chastise Nape, but is willing to go ease his conscience by handing out cash every month to some remote village Church gathering. He is the local philanthropist, distributing the proceeds of crime, what he and Nape stole from the people's Parliament.

Nape was imprisoned some 15 years ago in Barawagi Jail in Kerowagi for fraud and stealing. So it is no wonder he does what he does. However, to imagine that we have ended up with such a person as the Speaker of our parliament is something almost unthinkable! This is the country of the unexpected! ( See my separate article on PNG Ruled by Cooks and Thieves).

Being the type of people they are, O'Neill and Nape having wet their appetites, but were not exercising real power under Somare, were almost unstoppable. It was inevitable that they would hatch a plan to hijack the government from Somare in the way they did it, with a little help from Jimmy Maladina & Co. O'Neill knows what they did was illegal and not right for PNG. He knows what he did was absolutely wrong and unlawful. He knows he is running an illegitimate government. He knows he could go to jail for what he has done. BUT he is prepared to do it! He believes he needs to be in power and make as much money as possible, and that's exactly what he is doing right now.

Poor Belden, he cant do a thing right. He is being check mated by O'Neill/Nape & Maladina every bit of the way. Jimmy runs between Namah and O'Neill just to make sure Belden does not endanger O'Neill, while Maladina and O'Neill make so much hay as possible while the sun is shinning!!!

That is what all these is about! Money!

So Peter O'Neill is pushing to do all the major Projects now and as soon as possible! The major companies are watching all these with suspicion. They know O'Neill is exercising illegitimate power. He has now power to sign off or bind the people of PNG in any deals. The Foreign missions are waiting to see. The people are now becoming aware that O'Neill & co are illegitimate. Those who believe in democracy and the rule of law are walking around with pebbles in their shoes over this regime.

Julia Gillard rushed to recognize O'Neill and has suddenly realized that it was one of the biggest mistakes of her political career. All agreements signed by O'Neill is not worth the price of the ink of his signature. She was rash to celebrate the demise of Somare, but realizes that Somare was the saving grace of PNG, and by her covert actions in continuous support of O'Neill she has put a lot of Australian, NZ and other foreign citizens lives and investments in danger as was seen recently in the case of Graham Osborne. Julia Gillard and Australia is clearly in support of a regime that does not respect the rule of law, the judiciary and democracy. The US is watching Australia supporting O'Neill who is a Constitutionally illegitimate Prime Minister.

Julia Gillard and Australia have some serious problems concerning this regime. They have to answer and give their position very clearly. They cant simply say its PNGs internal problem. They have too much at stake. Does Australia believe in the Constitution that Gough Whitlam oversaw our Independence with? Does Australia believe in the rule of law? Does Australia believe in democracy? If so, then we have an illegitimate government and it has to make its position clear. 

Let me say this to Julia Gillard, you can only do business, and have stable neighbours in a country where the rule of law and the courts are respected. Where you allow the level of anarchy as we see now played out by O'Neill, be assured that you cannot later come and feign ignorance. You are responsible in your silence as much as you seek to endorse one regime against another. In the younger generation you are stepping out into the great unknown, and into uncharted waters, and the risk is all yours. All the signs are there . Its your call.

As for the unsuspecting public of PNG, there is one Snow White in Waigani today, wielding power by his Gestapo of Police Chiefs and Army Chiefs who have been paid by moneys smuggled in via the Falcon Jet. The people are the victims. The country has gone to the dogs, and at present the dogs are listening to the one with the bones, goodness knows who they will listen to next.


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