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Deputy PM sexuality questioned.

Belden Namah, Deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea is not homosexual according to his young, male, personal assistant. 

Anu Yadav, an Australian recent law graduate who works as the Deputy Prime Minister's personal assistant and general 'gofor' and who was one of the passengers on the falcon jet last November when it was buzzed by Indonesian fighter jets,
denied that Mr Namah was gay but would not reveal the source of his knowledge.

Speculation as to the sexuality of Mr Namah and the conduct of a national leader was piqued by a report in Australia's Channel Seven news that spoke of a "senior minister from an overseas government" (this morning confirmed to be Belden Namah by a front-page exposé in the Sydney Morning Herald ) being ejected from the Casino last April for obscene behaviour.

Internal casino documents, revealed this morning, tell how the now Deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea sexually harassed a male dealer, and became threatening when his advances were rejected last April.

"Can I love you, you are so pretty to me, " Belden Namah beseeched the male croupier after repeatedly asking for the dealers phone number and despite the dealer replying, "I am a boy cannot love you," according to the internal memo.

When Mr. Namah asked "can I f**k you tonight, I have a big d**k," the dealer asked to be moved to another table.

Mr. Namah was thrown out of the casino when his unrequited advances became more lurid during which time he threatened the security guard including "something about making his wife cry tomorrow."

For most countries that have legalised homosexual acts the gender of the person being sexually harassed would be of no consequence, however to Papua New Guinea where such acts are still on the statute books (ie Illegal), the incident brings up additional serious considerations of Namah's suitability to lead a developing Christian nation.

After some hours Belden Namah was readmitted to the casino as a high rolling client – playing in the special high-rollers room.  He had allegedly deposited $800,000 with the casino – which brings up another whole set of questions.

Link to SMH article. 

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