Engans in the hot seat to make or break current regime

Engans are of course known for their bad habit of dishing back double measure. They may be divided at the best of times but they do unite quickly when they need to. Engans do not rollover easily for anyone. But Engans also have much to lose too if they engage with adversity front on.

Engans need to remember that for the longer term Enga is miles ahead in its educated manpower reserves, thanks to the foresight of Peter Ipatas. Engans will therefore always feature prominently in the National narrative. Engan or not, Sir Salamo is the best man on guard in PNG now. He and all our good judges will not allow the Rule of Law to disintegrate during their watch. 

It is not surprising therefore that two criminally inclined individuals (O'Neill & Namah) cannot be at ease as long as Sir Salamo is CJ. Peter O'Neill would have been jailed long ago for swindling millions but he evaded prosecution in relation to the NPF and other related deals by corrupting police investigators. (O'Neill, you used Engans to ensure that your police files were below Committal Court standard! Have you forgotten that?!).

Most likely O'Neill will henceforth do his best to avoid facing the music for defrauding Public Servants, for swindling them of their affordable housing funds. Namah was in jail with nothing except a prison uniform not so long ago. How did he become rich so quickly? 'Self made man' ah? Why is O'Neill not investigating Namah’s money trail? Unfortunately scum like Namah can strut around like respectable people only in such a gullible country like PNG. 

The good news is that there will be a new government by August. Credible and well intentioned PNGeans will be taking this country forward - safely and responsibly. If Namah wins backhis seat he will be in the opposition, perhaps as Opposition Leader. Onlydesperados like O'Neill could team up with hooligans.

Good leaders will have nothing to do with the likes of Namah. God willing, common sense will prevail. Mark my word, the Namahs of the world will always meet their destined fate on time. O'Neill will be lucky to get re-elected. If he did he will most likely try to unobtrusively snuggle into the confidence of someone like Don Polye who now stands a better chance to be the next legitimate Prime Minister. Snuggling up to people unobtrusively and getting into their confidence is what O'Neill does best. 

During the previous term of Parliament O'Neill was Opposition Leader but heshamelessly sucked up to Sir Michael Somare to prevent being prosecuted. This time O'Neill will be prosecuted for all his crimes. Of course there is always a chance that before he is brought to justice, O'Neill might make a dash for it and hole up in Brisbane or Cairns. 

The man scheming things for O'Neill from the shadows – his partner in crime Jimmy Maladina - will have advised O'Neill on all the options and doing the runner will no doubt have been the best last option plan Maladina advised O’Niell of.

Jimmy is very good at doing the runner and holing up down under. At a time when the politics and national dialogue should be maturing, when the need to maintain the fragile unity of a thousand tribes is the national imperative so that everyone feels they are equal as citizens, equal partners and beneficiaries at a time when the nation is poised on the threshold of accelerated economic boom, those who find themselves in the lead must promote nationalism. 

Yet within a short space of time O'Neill and Namah havealmost undone our national unity and collective continuity. They have injected toxicity and poison into the national blood stream. These slimy operators have dismantled the rule of law and forced national institutions to transform into tentacles of a new form of oppression – ‘executive dictatorship’. 

The experiences forced upon this nation by these rouge men must mature all of us in a positive way. For their part Engans can forge and seal their identity as a resilient people, within the backdrop of our national diversity, to exist without being intimidated or intimidating others. 

Engans are a community orientated people. For instance Engans are helping to maintain law and order in some of the worse hotspots in Port Moresby. Their leaders can lead well too. Don Polye has shown that he is loyal. He could have rebelled and destabilized PNG a few times. But he did not. 

Only time will tell as to whether that was good training, for him to lead PNG at the most trying juncture in its national journey. Engans need to rise up and join other PNGeans to demonstrate maturity and leadership. Show people like O'Neill and Namah that you are a better people. 

People like O'Neill and Namah will never win general elections or obtain mandate through their popularity and universal acceptance. They can only secure ‘leadership’ through illegal means, through fraud and deception. God Bless PNG

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  1. Ask O'Neill who is facing contempt of court proceedings? Not him and his lawyer among others? His recent law is to keep him and her out of jail as there will be no judge left to consider their predicament 'cause judges are and will be fenced out as of 1 November 2011. What else is cooking O'Neill in her house for you to gobble without consideration of your country's interest? Deferal of election? No mongrel, you ain't havin' her way!!! PNG is too big for your ego and her lust for fame by association!!!


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