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Maladinas and Nape destroying PNG

Moses Maladina and Jimmy Maladina together with Jefferey Nape are all complicit in the destruction of our PNG Constitution....they strategised about the destruction of our laws and have been committing consecutive contemptuous actions ever since. The Maladina family have been receiving "golden handshakes" in terms of the jobs for the boys since August 2011 - Check the overseas appointments list. Merit Schmerit! Why has Jimmy Maladina re-emerged after stealing millions from our people (NASFUND) to assist in the destruction of our laws together with his brother Moses and the kanaka Speaker?

Nape has used Parliament coffers like an inheritance since his appointment nearly 9 years ago now. We're seeing lots of smoke people because there are various fires. And we will all be burnt at the stake as a result! Not the crooks!

What exactly is the factual error in the memo? Moses Maladina was appointed by Somare - YES, but so was Speaker Jefferey Nape who dismissed Somare as a Member of Parliament on 06 September 2011 - with no grounds....The PNG Supreme Court found this already and it even went on to say that the PNG National Court is the only institution empowered to remove/appoint an MP. These guys are conspirators who must be stopped. They are using Moses Maladina's 2005 appointment on the Mercy Committee conveniently to cover up for his serious hand in the damage that has taken place in our country. While Nape and Maladina appear to be strange bed fellows they are both flee-ridden mongrels with a reknown money-making agenda.

Why are we forgetting the serious series of events that led to the PNG judiciary's tough stand against these crooks!? Don't take this memo out of context...consider the way O'Neill  and Namah unashamedly challenged judicial authority and its independence since their ascendance to the throne......ONLY SEVEN MONTHS AGO! If you're sensing any bias in Judge Kirriwom's memo its probably because O'Neill has refused to adhere to Supreme Court decisions, Jefferey Nape, Allan Marat, Sam Basil have dodged contempt proceedings despite appearing to conform to judicial proceedings against them. The illegal formation of government, unlawful removal of pioneer MP, The police commissioners dual appointments, the GG's suspension - then reinstatement, the

PNGDF interference, the threat to elections, the sacking of many senior bureaucrats under the guise of a Sweep! The deportation of a business personality without grounds,  The Falcon Jet saga, the Star Casino cameo by Namah........The Sweep needs to be independently "programmed" now to investigate the actions of O'Neill, Namah and their stooges. Because they have their sights set on taking away all our political and civil rights by dismantling the judiciary so they can continue to be answerable to NO ONE! There efforts to demolish parliament has had some success wouldn't you say?

The Chief Justice was arrested for crying out loud in the most disrespectful manner without due process....other attempts to do so had failed before however the illicit intentions of the abettors are clear....the judges have been tracking the criminal intent behind all these events, that's why there appears to be a bias in the memo. The regime is an illegal one. The judges have been threatened recently by Namah also - these are serious actions. The judiciary must not be seen to be becoming ineffective or we
will lose everything at the mercy of these outlaws who call themselves leaders.

Any concoction of wrong-doing by the CJ is being resisted by our PNG judiciary clearly upset over its appalling treatment in recent months by an illegal regime determined to hold onto power.
Namah has been badmouthed for so long at this site (and rightly so) but everyone in Papua New Guinea needs to turn their attention to the Maladina brothers and Jefferery Nape. They are lining their pockets and others are taking the hits for them. Somare had been taking the hits for so many of these theives while they were in government together they're just doing it under O'Neill's leadership now.

These pirates have completely destroyed the institution of parliament by employing desperate kanaka tactics to dissolve a prestigious institution in the name of self-gratification. They've smashed parliament, now they're doing it to the judiciary...and we're letting them.

Come on PNG Blogs you have an obligation to remember facts TOO! You also have a more serious obligation to provide some context if you are going to expose confidential correspondence that affects the national interest. I don't think any individual or institution is perfect ....but the writing is on the wall PNG!