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An open letter: Twenty questions for the Deputy Prime Minister

Dear Mr Namah, 
The message I have from your personal assistant, Mr Anu Yadav is that you are not interested in giving an on-camera interview.  That notwithstanding, there are questions going begging.  And while I acknowledge that some may be of a personal nature, unfortunately, your position as the leader of a Christian nation makes your personal life a legitimate subject of public scrutiny as it impacts on Papua New Guinea and Papua New Guineans.

Firstly, the amount of money that you purportedly had available to bet at the Star Casino last April was $800,000 (as reported in Sydney Morning Herald).  
I have very roughly broken that down and have found that a PNGean on a wage of K3 per hour (more than the minimum hourly wage) would take around 250 working years to accumulate that much.  If a working lifetime is around 40 years then we are talking more than 6 PNGeans lifetimes to earn what you intended to spend in days.

1. Did you consider what sort of message this ostentatious spending sends to your nation and the international community, especially considering the poor social indicators in Papua New Guinea?
2. How do you think the people of your electorate, Vanimo, feel knowing that your personal wealth, spent in such frivolous pursuits, is largely due to the environmentally damaging logging of their (and your) lands?
3. What was the source of the money deposited with the Casino?
4. How was it brought into Australia?
5. Was it deposited in cash?
6. Was it electronically transferred or was it already there?
7. Who were the two people accompanying you?

Casinos have long been a favourite way of money laundering and there have been money-laundering suspicions surrounding you for some years.
The Samoan Observer in 2009 reported that an investigation into Paradise Finance Company, co owned by yourself and the woman known as your Samoan wife was seeking "…to establish whether Mr. Namah's actions might fall within the parameters of Samoa's Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2007."  It went on to explain that the law criminalises money laundering associated with numerous crimes.

8. What crimes was this investigation referring to?

There was also money-laundering speculation around the 'falcon jet incident' last November. The official reasons given, by you, about this incident are unsatisfactory. There must have been a better reason for Indonesia to do as it did than those proffered, considering the international and diplomatic ramifications. 
When we then hear of $800,000 being deposited in a Casino account, the smoke starts billowing.  So Mr. Namah, we have the smoke -  

9. Where's the fire?

The Star casino has five separate incident reports of someone drunkenly, sexually- harassing a male blackjack dealer.  At least one report indicates that you are that person.  The reports are unlikely to be "mistaken" as your lawyer claims as multiple forms of identification are needed to get into the 'high-rollers' room where you were allegedly playing.

10. Do you consider your public conduct while in a foreign country (that provides yours with millions in aid) befits a married leader of a developing Christian nation?
11. Are you aware that adultery is still on the statute books in PNG?
12. Are you aware that homosexual acts in Papua New Guinea are also illegal?
13. Are you aware of your HIV status?  (PNG has highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the Pacific.)   

I was introduced to Anu Yadav as your personal assistant back last October.  
Yadav contacted me some weeks ago to ask me, on your behalf, what I wanted? 
He asked me whether 'it' was "financial?" 

14. So, what exactly were you proposing?  
15. Why, last Sunday, did he text to tell me that you were going to give me a gift of K5 million but had "changed your mind?"
16. What was the gift for, and what made you change your mind?

There is a woman with the pen name of Angela, commenting on this blog.  She is abusive, threatening and expresses herself poorly.  She is also claiming to be your "legal wife."

17. Is this woman indeed your lawful wife?
18. If not, do you know who she is and why she should be conducting herself in such a manner on your behalf?

Benjamin Zgia (a false name according to police investigations), claiming to work for you has threatened variably to 'smash my face', 'put a bullet in my brain' and 'blow up my mouth' 

19. Do you know the identity of Zgia and why would anyone purporting to work for you threaten my life – ostensibly on your behalf? (The NSW Police, Australian Federal Police and ASIO are continuing their investigations).
20. What do I know that makes me so dangerous?  

Thanking you in anticipation of your response
Susan Merrell 

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