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Aussie Intelligence still flawed, PNG should fight for Constitution today.

Ha! I see the Aussie intelligence Community aparatus is well and truely alive and swinging around  here to cover Julia Gillard's arse swinging in the wind!

Well I make no apologies for touching on a very sensitive nerve!

Its not about blaming someone for our own mistakes, and mind you we have made a meal of it so far and I would be one of  the first ones to own up.

 However, to seek to down play this as a simple blame shifting exercise is to admit ones own ignorance of the Doctrine of (International) Recognition and its well established body of  rules that govern and determine dejure or defacto governments, and ultimately the question of legitimacy. To bury our heads in the sand and claim we unilaterally determine political outcomes in PNG is most absurd and pure garbage granted Australia's very active involvement in every facet of our public and private lives today.

Australia has over 14 intelligence desk officers and an army of other human intel- agents and sources  in various government and  commercial offices today.

My point is that with all these apparatus, they failed miserably to see the cul-de-sac they were backing themselves into, that would destroy this country's very fabric of legitimate government and its democracy, and the far reaching consequences on our Constitution, our Judiciary and on  international business.

Australia was testing our Judiciary to see if they will support it in recognition of O'Namah. One would argue that is a legitimate expectation on the part of Australia granted it finances ( $ Millions) the Judiciary and the greater Law & Justice Sector every year. It flies Judges and their wives around in Australia and overseas on judicial and law conferences and generally has built a very strong bond with them over the years.

So it is not altogether a mis-placed assumption for Julia Gillard and the Australian Government to expect some form of payback from the PNG Judiciary for their patronage. Infact so strong was Julia Gillard's faith in her money working  the  PNG Judiciary, that she even signed a string of Bi-Lateral Agreements with Peter ONeill in the first fortnight of his usurpation of power.

One of those Bi-Lateral Agreements was the re-instatement of the ECP Program, a Program that this very Supreme Court declared unconstitutional in 2004. Peter ONeill agreed to allow them back in to control the country, and Australia  knew that only the Supreme court can prevent it from assuming full control.

So any intelligent person can see that the smashing of this country's Constitution and the Judiciary are deliberate consequences  of Australia's recognition of O'Namah. These consequences Australia did weigh up, and did accept, as being collateral damage on its march to ultimate control of the country.

Australia in these machinations in reality failed its international obligations to other countries and their interests, let alone democracy for the people of PNG.

Now the situation would have been different if it didnt rush into recognition of this regime, and backed the Supreme Court and supported the rule of law in a democratic society. That would have been consistent with Australia's preaching in the Pacific so far about Law & Order and Law & Justice Sector Reforms etc that it pours Millions of Dollars into every year! [ Needless to say it books the Millions of Dollars in our name but spends it on itself].

Australia has been working so hard under the Law & Justice Sector Reforms to work with Judges and Magistrates about delivering quality justice to the people of PNG. That has been its very public posture.

However, on the 3rd of August 2011, Julia Gillard wiped all that public posturing off the face of PNG. That was all a lie they have been perpetuating in our midst. As soon as they could unilaterally strike a killer blow to the Political opposition in PNG by exercising one of the greatest weapons on International Diplomacy- Recognition!, they embraced it with both hands and Julia Gillard tucked her skirt and  ran to the aid of O'Namah. [And silly us for believing all that law & Order talk!]

Today Australia has acheived its goal of destroying our Constitution and our Judiciary. The only thing that stands in the way are Papua New Guineans who love their country, who believe in the rule of law and the triumph of democracy, who believe in the Constitution and its institution of a fair and Independent Judiciary being the pillar of our democracy and a fair society.

 Papua New Guineans must stand up and prove Australia and O'Namah wrong today!
We must rise up and take ownership of our nation today!