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Australian firm continues covert operations for the US in PNG

By Patrick von Stieglitz
I have read Mike Head's article posted on www.pngblogs.com a couple of days ago and have found it to be the closest factual account of what is going on in PNG that I am quite surprised.

I can add to the debate about Australian and US influence as I have recent experience with a company from Australia  called Australian Reef Pilots Pty Ltd  and their parent company Torres Industries a un listed public company also here in Australia.

They on behalf of Australian Customs hold the Coast Watch contracts for North Eastern Australia and are actively engaged in PNG since December 2008.

In November 2008 they chartered our ship Tateyama Maru to begin their, what I called at the time, a covert intelligence operation designed and created by ASIO on behalf of the Australian Government during late 2007 and early 2008 while Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister.

If you read carefully through the attachment that I have provided, you will come across an article that I downloaded from the internet in early January 2009 (which is no longer available)

It describes one Geoffrey Morton who in last years of last century was the Australian Naval attaché in Washington  DC  and during the Vietnam era was Commander of the HMAS Brisbane.  Naval  Attaché to the United States is the amongst highest military posting that Australia offers.

It goes onto to describe his recent role in Australia as operating a satellite surveillance and defence logistic consultancy from his home on the Sunshine coast.

As our Australian Government does not own and operate any satellites it is very easy to understand who’s satellites he is using.

It is he that heads up the joint Australian US effort to undermine the PNG political institution in their effort to ensure a pro Australian Government is put in place.

At the time of the charter November 2008 they sold most of their helicopter business which was utilized by the Government to maintain border control on our North East coast and transferred their operations into PNG in an unlawful manner.

Soon after my ship arrived in PNG it was run aground and in July 2010 detained because it was unsafe.

The ship was eventually dumped at the wharf in Cairns in on March 23rd 2011 and abandoned by them.  Both the log book and the incident were removed from the ship.  However in their carelessness they left many documents on board the ship leaving me with the ability to demonstrate their behaviour.

They entered into a contractual basis with PNG Ports Corporation Mr. Brian Riches recently remove from his position as CEO by Namah earlier this year.

Because of their personal belief that they are above the law they left us high and dry and our ship almost a right off.

It’s my opinion and my right when treated like this to go after these people with everything I have hence the reason for me contacting you.

Craig Southerwood managed the business side of the operation and Geoffrey Morton the intelligence side.

So far I have done everything I can do to unsettle these guys and bring them to heel.

They are crooked liars and cheats and deserve to be exposed for what they are.

I am quite sure that this little story that I uncovered on the internet represents a breach of the Australian official secrets acts and he should be prosecuted for that alone.

It is quite clear to me that if the Australian US Alliance does not get its way in PNG they will initiate a civil war by providing weapons to what they will call the opposition.

Australia has made a mess of everything they have done in respect to security in chain of islands stretching from Timor all the way to east to Fiji and this is their last chance.  If they lose PNG they lose the war so from their point of view they have a lot to lose.

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