Come out of Babylon - Namah

Papua New Guinea went into the 2012 National Election looking for change. Looking at fixing the wrongs of the past and bringing much needed reforms into our country. More importantly Papua New Guinea went into the 2012 National Elections to bring change in the leadership of our country.

Leadership that can advocate and champion change.  My Party, PNG Party, stands for CHANGE.

What Papua New Guinea must see and read is that same old players are coming back into our political playing field.  Many of these politicians are responsible for destroying young leaders in the past. They will only suppress and marginalize the emergence of young and vibrant leaders of our country. The same politicians are also responsible in the downturn of our economy.

The same politicians are also responsible for the deteriorating conditions of basic services to our people. This is all due to bad leadership.

This battle is not mine. This is the battle for the simple people of this country.  In other words, this is Papua New Guinea’s battle. I stand to fight against corruption if it means sacrificing my own life.
The elected leaders who have the love for your country must now rise up and realize the characteristics and deeds of the various political party leaders and various other leaders.

For far too long since our independence we have seen leaders in our country who have taken our people for a ride. Greed and selfishness has taken over their responsibilities to deliver basic services to our people.

I want to appeal to my brothers and sister members, who are newly elected or re-elected into Parliament, to stand up for your people, to stand up for Papua New Guinea.  Now is the opportunity to join our camp of parliamentarians who do not have tainted or questionable reputations.

 Leaders who do not have allegation of corruption such as the NPF Enquiry, The Public Service Housing Scheme or the illegal payments made to a certain law firm (named) amounting to millions of kina.

I appeal to those leaders to come out of Babylon.

Change does not come from Haus Tambaran, Change MUST COME to Haus Tambaran.
My fellow elected brothers and sisters, Lets stand together and form a government comprising of young, vibrant, selfless and God-fearing leaders. Let us serve our people without fear or favor.



  1. What Babylon, Namah? You must be sick in the head. Are you telling us that the Exodus you created and set about since August 2, 2011 was a fluke? We are not stupids like you. PNG is bigger than your bloated ego. You think by calling a very senior leader of PNG a 'dinosaur' you would move leaders and people away from the Grand Old Man and the Alotau camp put together by more mature young leaders to form the next government. No, you are a criminal whom the Grand Old Man let out on parole without condition to bad mouth. Stay in Opposition for the time being until you are called upon to do your well deserved time at Bomana!!!

  2. Namah used media to prop up his popularity. This time round he will hit the roof of media outlet when he lands himself at Bomana!!! Writing on the wall.


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