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Getting PNG back on track


Firstly let me answer the Question, Is it Australia's fault? In my opinion Australia is not at fault.

The National Election 2012 is also not a failed one. The Majority of Papua New Guineans are voting. It is only a minority who are not having their names on the common roll. From the polling site I attended, those who did not have their names on the common roll may have been mobile at the time of the common roll update back in 2007 and may still be under the age of 18 years. However, while I was standing in the line, behind me there was a young girl who was less than 18 years old back in 2007 whom her name was on the common roll and she and her mother were already on the line ready to cast their votes.

Australia never masterminded anything in Papua New Guinea. The election has gone ahead as scheduled by the PNGEC. The political timing was to postpone the election by 6 months which majority of Papua New Guineans in Social Media were not pleased with. Sure, the problems arising are now convincing the people on Social Media Network to regret why they did not support the political timing to postpone the election by 6 months. I was one of those who decided to support the 6 months deferral.

Anyway, the election went ahead as scheduled by the PNGEC. Since it is in full swing, there is no turning back and folding our arms and say that it is the fault of the PNGEC and Australia. If we know how to mitigate the problems arising from the election we have to contribute those ideas so that people in authority can use them and solve these election related problems.

On the other hand, Namah does not know everything how the nation of Papua New Guinea is run. He may be the Deputy PM, but that does not totally makes him a know it all politician. He has to respect the non-political organisations that also contribute to the wellbeing and affairs of this country.

The election is being run under the security provided by our Police Force and Defence Force. The Australians are here just to provide logistic support. As our friendly neighbor, they have a responsibility to help when we are in need. They had been helping in times of disasters like the Aitape Sunami, Popondetta flood disaster and so on. We did not take those disaster aid as invading PNG to take over us. Surely, they also need Security during their presence in the country so their display and show of force may imply to us as a invading force.

Also I believe that PNG gained its Independence at the right time. I grew up during that peiod just after independence and the Papua New Guinean professionals in Health, Education and other Government agencies were just as good as our current professionals. The Health facilities were working. Schools had teachers and Government offices were manned. The population was just 3 million.

Look at West Irian. Now they are struggling to get their Independence. If we would have waited for another 10 years, the whole of PNG would have been occupied by white men. Then when we want to get our independence, the white men would complicate that pursue for independence just like Irian Jaya where the whole Island is now full of Asians.

All in all, there are many ways to get a Weak State back on Track.