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Monday, July 30, 2012



Let us lobby for some of the leaders highlighted here. Whether they become Prime Minister or ministers is left to them but I think they deserve peoples’ blessing to be involved more directly or indirectly in managing the affairs of this great nation and its people. They are straight shooters whom I believe can ‘clean’ this country in the next 5 years.

I have never voted and have not physically dinned with Garry, Beldon, Sam and Powes but they stand tall because they embrace my views on Papua New Guineas political leaders who stand up to speak and perform without submission and dominance by foreign interests. They are true national leaders who can deposit billions of kina back into this country before withdrawing and depositing elsewhere. If what they hold in their hearts can be translated into physical developmental manifestations then why don’t we support these leaders because they represent our silent voices?

I believe that we should not talk about developing policies to bring change to PNG. I believe all elected leaders and decent good people should FIRST talk about ‘cleaning’ and ‘weeding’ out corruption and putting in place a very resistive and workable system of government structures and layers. We need CHANGE we can trust, we need CHANGE we can believe in, we need CHANGE that can be shared with future generations.

Restoring trust into our systems of government reigns supreme than discussing policies on spending the billions of money that will be generated from the LNG. When trust and confidence is restored into our government structures and layers what we could equally attain are the investor confidence and loyalty from public servants and others.

As all Papua New Guineans are watching very closely on who should form the government, I was listening very attentively who these re-elected and newly elected MPs were when they were delivering their maiden speeches in front of their people as soon as they were declared winners in their electorates. I could not listen to all they said but I was following on the newspapers, blogs and Facebook.

I do not see and hear anyone of them who could bring new ideas with new vision. What they said was photocopied developmental proposals/policies and recycled thoughts which to some of us are a sore that cannot be healed immediately.
All the people of this country have been crying and they are crying everyday as they go to work, church and so on. These are ‘issues without tears’.

Some of these ‘issues without tears’ included:

• Whether or not those laws that relax the penalty to law breakers by parliamentarians and bureaucrats by reviewed;
• Whether or not more funding should be allowed to Ombudsman Commission and the SWEEP Team to collaborate and continue their work;
• Whether or not those government departments seen as heavily collaborating with foreigners accessing Visas/Passports, fishing, exploration and logging licences should be thoroughly put on radar and investigated;
• Whether or not accountability can be put on money released from the national government is channeled to its expected purposes at the provincial government level which include royalty payments and development grants;
• Whether or not small business people can access government funding through some form of well-coordinated financial body to increase wealth creation and growth which leads to high cash flow in the community;
• Whether or not jobs are created for those students at colleges and universities;
• Whether or not downstream processing is prioritized and made a law for all foreign owned companies to follow;
• Whether or not government effectively monitoring surveillance on our waters for illegal fishing;
• Whether or not do away with tax concessions given to foreign companies and at the same time penalize others not complying with our IRC, IPA laws and regulations;
• Whether or not the government can do away with ‘centralization functions’ of government service delivery and reintroduce the ‘decentralization functions’ at the provincial and district levels so that services reach directly to the people to avoid bureaucratic tape;
• Whether or not by 2017 onwards, the government could devise policy to reward all citizens with allowances of K50 or more per month or fortnight to increase cash flow which could indirectly boost small scale informal money generating activities.
• Whether or not more autonomous status can be given to provinces so that they can effectively control the affairs of their provinces more effectively than putting pressure on the Prime Minister and his Cabinet;
• Whether or not Mining Act and other pertinent laws can be reviewed so that landowners have what is also below the 6 feet and;
• Whether or not there is reduction and gradual removal of foreign advisors serving various government departments sucking millions of kina what should be diverted into developmental areas.

I, in my own capacity, have shared with you what I dream for. The leaders highlighted in this discussion are mine and I do not represent anybody. My utmost appeal to you, as a very passionate and potential leaders of this country is to really share and discuss our ideas so that in little we are there may be in abundance in our fruits for the future generations.
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