Time to think beyond Namah and O'Neill


Are Peter O'Neil and Belden Namah the best PNG can produce to be Prime Minister? What about the rest? Did they get elected to be National Leaders or to be followers of O'Neil and Namah?

The sheeple are currently been brainwashed into thinking that the coalition being put forward by O'Neil is a Government of National Unity to produce Stability. This sounds pretty much like the creation of the Original Somare regime.

During the Somare years PNG had an unprecedented 2 terms (10 years) of relative political stability. Political stability was coupled with years of commodity price booms that saw record budget surpluses. What did the people of Papua New Guinea gain from the political stability and increased revenue. Over 10 years over K60 billion was squandered with no improvement in social indicators. Democracy was undermined as debates in Parliament by the opposition, were gagged.

The last decade was pretty bad for the people of Papua New Guinea and many wanted Somare out of Office. When O'Neil and Namah triumphed in getting rid of Somare, the nation rejoiced. Whilst the two men may not have had legal mandate for their actions, they certainly had the mandate of the people.

The people of Papua New Guinea had gotten fed up with selfish leaders. They have now been betrayed by O'Neil by his marriage of convenience with an old guard of former Prime Ministers, who are considered by many as being either corrupt or incompetent.

The shameful reality is that the sheeple in PNG, have thrown out any rational thinking and are beginning to believe the words of the wolves who have dressed up in the sheep skin of National Unity and Political Stability. The sheeple have taken comfort in the words “Stability” and “Unity” from a bunch of wolves who know nothing about the definition of those worlds. Are Papua New Guineans that cheap so as to be fooled by assurances from wolves? Some even naively think that the coalition will ‘learn their lessons’ and move forward in the best interest of the country, even though many of the major players are known power hungry psychopaths.

Somare had been equated to Mugabe by various commentators and for good reason too. At the time when amendments to the Environment Act were being protested, he's Attorney General Arnold Amet had filed a Supreme Court Reference to suspend Freedom of Speech. The sheeple of PNG were paying a huge price for so called political stability and how easily have they been led into the same trap by the same wolves.

Now let me clarify here that I'm not criticizing the O'Neil Coalition in favour of Namah. That is the false perception (giaman piksa), being put forward by those hungry for power. Its not as black and white as they would want the sheeple to think. We have over a hundred potential candidates to choose from to be Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea - not just two.

Times like this call for a sense of National Duty and surely amongst the other crop of elected politicians are men and two women who can bring this nation forward. The other elected members of Parliament must exercise their duty to the Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, in serving the best interest of the nation and its people. It's time to act in the National Interest!

It is for this reason that the electors from the length and breadth of this beautifully rugged nation entrusted their elected Members of Parliament with their dreams and aspirations. These elected representatives must display leadership now or prove themselves to be nothing but mindless sheep being corralled into forming a terrible government.

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