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Friday, August 10, 2012



Peter O'Neill              Prime Minister
Leo Dion              Deputy Prime Minister; Inter-Government Relations.
Don Polye              Treasurer
James Marape              Finance
Charles Abel             National Planning
Loujaya Toni              Religion, Youth and Community Development.
Ben Micah              Public Enterprises and State Investment
Rimbink Pato              Foreign Affairs and Immigration
Education              Paru Aihi
Michael Malabag          Health and HIV-AIDS
Patrick Pruaitch          Forests and Climate Change
Ano Pala              Transport
Tommy Tomscoll          Agriculture and Livestock
Sir Puka Temu              Public Service
John Pundari              Environment and Conservation
David Arore              Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology
Kerenga Kua              Justice and Attorney-General
Fabian Pok              Defence
William Duma              Petroleum and Energy
Paul Isikiel              Housing and Urban Development
Boka Kondra              Tourism, Arts and Culture
Richard Maru              Trade, Commerce and Industry
Justin Tkatchenko          Sports and Pacific Games
Mark Maipakai              Labour and Industrial Relations
Nixon Duban              Police
Mao Zeming              Fisheries and Marine Resources
Jim Samatab              Correctional Service
Jim Miringtoro          Communication and Information Technology
Byron Chan              Mining
Francis Awesa              Works and Implementation
Steven Kama              Autonomous Regions
Benny Allen              Lands and Physical Planning
Davis Steven             Civil Aviation
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