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Fight the rot at National Housing Commission

On behalf of the tenants of the North Waigani Hostel, Hohola Hostel and all NHC properties nationwide we commend Honourable Paul Ezekiel Minister for Housing on his bold stand and undertaking to investigate corruption within the National Housing Corporation and the devaluation and sale of North Waigani Hostel.

We give the Minister our full backing as the Minister’s stand is consistent with the O’Neill Government’s policy to fight corruption and its subsequent introduction of anti-corruption Legislation.

We urge the Prime Minister and all other Government ministers to follow the Housing Minister’s lead to fight corruption.
The Housing Minister’s Statement is a huge relief to tenants of North Waigani and Hohola Hostels and all other tenants of NHC properties nationwide who have been victims of heavy handed abuse and corruption perpetrated by NHC Management over the years.

The tenants of North Waigani and Hohola Hostels and NHC properties nationally now challenge the Prime Minister to back your Housing Minister’s courageous stand to fight corruption within this very fraudulent and shady statutory body by launching a full Investigation into the Operations, Management and dealings of the National Housing Corporation and its business arm the National Housing Estates Limited (NHEL).

The NHC’s mandated function is to provide “adequate and affordable” housing to the citizens of Papua New Guinea. We further call on the Prime Minister to conduct an Independent Investigation into whether or not these public entities have truthfully performed their legally mandated functions and served the interest of PNG citizens devoid of corruption.

Further, Reports by the Auditor Generals and the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee, 2010 were tabled in Parliament and are on Public Record, declared the “National Housing Corporation as most corrupt and insolvent”. The reports documented widespread corruption entrenched within this public Entity and by implication reflects negatively on the government.

How this insolvent institution received Public Investment (PIP) funding through the years must also be scrutinised. The only way to restore credibility, public trust and confidence is to order an Independent Investigation into the massive corruption in the NHC.

Failure to implement the recommendations of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee’s Report and Auditor General’s Report is tantamount to negligence by the Government in not protecting the national assets and the rights of Papua New Guineans to proper and affordable housing.

We assure the Housing Minister that we fully support his fight to leave no stone unturned down to the bottom of the NHC and will provide all details and information about the sale of North Waigani Hostel and the involvement of NHC Management and Board members.

To ensure an investigation free of obstruction and hindrances from those within the system. We also call on the Housing Minister to sack the Managing Director of NHC and all Managers down the line to the cleaners and tea boys who have natured the culture of corruption to infiltrate this institution.

We also urge the Prime Minister to now step in and stop the sale of the Waigani Hostel when the dispute over its sale between the NHC and sitting tenants is still before the National Court.

We encourage the Minister for Housing to be above corruption and not be undermined by evil forces inside the NHC.