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Nothing has changed


I find it funny how easily we all are led to believe that something has changed when we hear the word “change”. Papua New Guinea has several parties currently registered, I hear 42 or something like that. Of those political parties, the People’s National Congress has struck ‘gold ‘this time around with others such as Triumph Heritage Party, Papua New Guinea Party and the National Alliance Party tagging along.

My question now really is what has changed? I say this because I shall make a rough head count of all the current MP’s who made it back under the banner of People’s National Congress and the Triumph Heritage Party to name a few. The question is, how many of them were part of the former National Alliance team that led the country from 2002 to 2011?

Don Polye, Sasa Zibe, Teo Zurenuoc, Paul Tienstan, Paru Aihi, the list is seemingly endless. I don’t have time to really do a head count but a general observation tells me that all the former National Alliance party members have more or less returned, without some and an addition of others.

So tell me, what has changed about the government? Peter O’Neill is now at the forefront but wasn’t he also with the former coalition as well?

I do not wish to brand the new government as being bad as everyone is human, and I shall not say anything bad about that as well. But the reality is this, we still have issues in our country that are not being addressed! Do you want me to name a few?

Why is it that Asians seem to be running everything these days? They are running tyre repair shops, fast food shops, hair salon – they seem to be taking over in every form of business. What is happening about all this?

Why am I still paying hefty taxes that has not been changed since independence? Honestly what on earth is happening in this county? Things that were set by colonial masters have never changed! We have three times as much population that we had back then but things still have not changed.

To tell you the truth, I don’t really care any more who is at the helm of PNG politics, whether it be Peter O'Neill, Michael Somare, Patrick Pruaitch , Sam Abal or Puka Temu – I only want to see issues in my beloved nation being addressed and addressed properly too! No lip service business must ever be tolerated!

I am thus as a citizen of this nation holding each and every one of our Members of Parliament responsible! The people of Papua New Guinea want change! What are you all doing about it? We do not care if you are the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Opposition Leader or even a back bencher – what are you doing about these.

Mind you, I have only mentioned a few and you and I know that there are endless issues at hand. I am watching – which member of parliament will be a true patriot – which member will stand to solve and alleviate problems inherent in our country. Enough is enough – we are tir4ed of talking – the people of Papua New Guinea want answers! Solve our problems and solve them now!