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PM Lied to me - Polye

Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party leader Don Pomb Polye is the most upset man in this country right now.
Sources close to Mr Polye said the Kandep MP was fuming that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has “lied” to him over the Finance and Treasury portfolio.

Last night when Mr O’Neill made the announcement, Mr Polye was at a function to celebrate the election victories of Delilah Gore and Julie Soso Akeke for the Sohe Open and Eastern Highlands provincial seats respectively.

At that function, he remained calm when told that he was given only the Treasury portfolio but sources close to him said, the man felt cheated.

“He had to forgo the Deputy Prime Minister’s post for the Finance and Treasury portfolio. What can he do as Treasurer,” a senior member of the party told Post Courier.

At that party, senior MPs and officials from THE Party informed Post Courier that they were also concerned that none of the economic portfolios were given to any of their members and what was allocated to them were only service portfolios. THE party picked up five ministers including the Deputy Prime Ministers post in Mr Leo Dion who is also the minister for inter-government relations. Another party that is also upset is the United Resources Party (URP). With eight MPs in Government, the party was given three ministeries.

“We are disappointed that they are only service ministeries. We have been party of this Government from day one, just like THE party and we have been treated this way,” Mr Ken Yapane said.
However Mr O’Neill said all the ministeries were important to the country.

“I have tried my best to put people where they can perform best. All portfolios are important to country,” Mr O’Neill said.
He said THE Party had taken two senior ministerial posts in the Deputy Prime Ministers post as well as the Treasury portfolio.

“Few independent MPs and individual MPs from minor coalition partners who did not have the numbers were given ministerial portfolios because they had the experience and will contribute to the country,” Mr O’Neill said.

He said the Treasury and Finance portfolios were separated deliberately to ensure that government programs were delivered effectively.
“We are going to streamline the Planning Department, and amalgamate it within the Finance and Treasury departments.

“This is the most corrupt department right now and we want to address this. This is to ensure that funds earmarked for projects and programs go directly to the line departments,” Mr O’Neill said.
He said this was not the case at present and as a result, government services have suffered.