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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Who is most Powerful PNG Politician in 2012 +?


Some claim Beldon Namah because of his money power. Some feared the former Prime Minister, Paias Wingti because of his wealth and political experience. Seeing Paias taking the front seat at O’Neill’s media briefing in Port Moresby prior to the election of the Prime Minister on Friday 3rd August could not prevent people talking about him.

More than that is some very notable MPs like Sir Michael Somare. The feeling of him been the ‘power broker’, the true leader on the battle ground does not provide the direction to talk about him due to his discrepancies and unpopularity of NA during the 2012 National Elections.

O’Neill can claim himself as the Chief Executive Officer and yet his operation at the public and within his caucus of MPs does lead to things not unturned. He can be the powerful ruler, however, history has demonstrated that a ruler is made powerful by the number of soldiers and horses the ruler has. He did not score an individual try but there were other support and backup players that led O’Neill to becoming the PM.

Sir Julius Chan, the New Ireland Governor with good command of Australian and Caucasian English can be fit into this level but Sir Julius is somewhat very adamant on issues relating to centralization of financial and political powers in Waigani and not at the provincial level.

We are left with numerous options on our list as we search for a very powerful politician, isn’t it?

I am compelled to state that some national commentators have leaned towards ‘Advisors’ to those politicians as very powerful people who operate in the engine room. And of course they are people we cannot refute their enormity towards political party integration and networking with people and businesses that support them.

It would be not wise to surface people who operate in the engine room of the government or any political party. We would rather want to look at a political leader that commands authoritative power, someone who looks at the eyeballs of other MPs, departmental heads and others with a stern voice, steady but coercive manipulation in order to establish and sustain the power game.

I am led to believe that there is no one that come to my mind as we wind down on ‘who is who’.

With little of reservation and an air of disbelief, I might claim, without hesitation, Ben Micah. He was the chief of staff of O’Neill’s government prior to the 2012 National Elections. At one time, he was Paias Wingti’s loyal supporter, and gradually his bond with Paias Wingti waned and shifted his allegiance to his wantok, Sir Julius Chan.

I am more than convinced that he played a lead role in putting the PPP man into the Speakers seat.

Within the past couple of days, Hon.Ben Micah seems to be at the fingertips of the Prime Minister.

Ben Micah, as a politician, is decorated with his political insights in matters relating to political party leadership styles, and he certainly will have his hands on Sir Michael Somare, Sir Julius Chan and Paias Wingti. He befriends the Engans and Simbus and that must be one of the reasons as to why Hon. Don Polye, still want to have a cup of coffee during weekends.

Ben Micah is known for Privatization in this country and to certain point in his political career his name was tainted with corruption. Peter O’Neill should know the state institutional reformations that occurred in the banking and finance sector.

Hon. Ben Micah is believed to be given the ‘minister for state enterprises’. If this ministry is allocated to Ben automatically he commands authority over billions of state money and Peter O’Neill will be very comfortable receiving handshakes from the man whom he has known through the thin and thick years in his private life.

Others may refute my analysis as a ‘verbal garbage’ that does not provide concrete scrutiny on Ben Micah being a ‘powerful politician’. You can use your innate ability, your intuition to see where the gravity of the political party infusion is, but certainly you may be tempted to find others not that powerful.
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