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Have our Elite sold out on PNG?

The PM has made an open stand on corruption, The task force sweep team has hit some walls..... It's time for people power to stand with this call and Protest for Good Governance....

Lawyers representing MP's and Department Heads current and former should now be asked to table the asset records and cash flow records and their payments received for services to Public Figures as their commitment to serve Good Governance. The penalty for non compliance should be the banning of their rights to practice law in PNG. Accountants should also face the same process and penalties. All found guilty should be penalized to the maximum for white collar crimes equal to those penalized who are not considered Elite.

Technology will help through Google Searches on all names, a petition can be done from the people listing all names appearing in relation to investigations for bribery and corruption found through Google Search, word of mouth can drive this commitment further that as many Papua New Guineans voices may be translated to this call of a Protest for Good Governance in support to the PM and this Government.

All members of Parliament in Opposition, Government plus Department Heads current and former who's names appear must face up to the price PNG has paid in losses through corruption.

Activist in PNG must now lead a call to this nature to mobilize our people to stand together for our expectation of Good Governance and to recall all assets and cash misused. Let this be a sign that though we may not be Elites, we are not blind by the lack of knowledge.

It is time as we come to celebrate 'Independence' itself to join the PM's call and take the greatest stand ever in the History of PNG.

How many of you have suffered for so long? Much of what we have now is in the hands of foreigners. Our land right is gone. Our sea right to fish is gone.

Our right to be educated and live free in this country is gone. Our right to get a good job and move on in this country is gone. We are sleeping and we may do that for rest of our lives. No government, no authority on the land talks about returning these natural and cultural rights to its people. Peoples' voice have not been heard.

We continue on believing in receiving than working to attain what we want. We wait in dreams. My friends let us think outside of our comfort zones and look at how multi corporations discuss issues relating to our land, oil, gas, fish. Corporations align themselves with our government because our government borrowed corporate administrative and financial laws from other countries and makes way for those foreign corporations to enter our shores. If people are discussing issues revolving around 'indigenous thinking' then they are talking about what you and me should think and do things as we PNGeans do.

To those young people growing growing up, job creation by our government is not there. How can you assimilate into the system? Your degrees and diplomas are not the immediate tickets to fly in your dreamworld. It will take time for you to achieve your dream. Foreigners are transferring capital, skills and knowledge.

They are bringing their own expertise to work in their supermarkets, banks, companies, etc We are left to fend ourselves and in doing that we become like beggars and this very action tarnishes our integrity, denounces our birthright to claim ownership and authority over what we have and what we see in this country. Should you want to see this continue forever?

J L P Schmidt & Christopher Papiali