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PNG ask yourself after 37 Years are you an Independent Nation?

The Kina TT sell rate is dropping fast in the last couple of days USD 0.4550, USD0.4531, USD0.4526 This is showing sign that this government is throwing the economy down the drain, unplanned borrowing, unnecessary spending,

K500million deficit in 9 months is something to worry about yes the problem list still stand tall regardless of K76billion spend in the last 10 years.

Constant PNG Power power blackouts, Incompetent Telikom PNG with unreliable services, Papua New Guineans being paid under colonial pay grade as compared to their expatriate colleague with little experiences,

Roads system crumbling down, still no company has found innovation in building tar roads that will last for more than a year.

Housing and health care is a problem for all urban areas in PNG and the worst is still in the rural areas, Government is not smart enough to develop sustainable agriculture project that can equal the magnitude of the LNG and other mining projects so to save our mineral resources for future industrialization and manufacturing for our national interest and consumption

Why are Papua New Guineans having a sense of being marginalised and inferior and claiming to be so cheap so thus accepting bribes for as low as K20 lunch money to engage in corrupt practices?

When can we think that the current value of all the resources in our country is worth USD100 Thrillion plus and that is engough to stand up and say that we are NOT that CHEAP and start acting responsibly to move our country

Why do Papua New Guineans recieve cheap bribes from Asians and other foreigners? This is a crime of treason and betrayal of our sovereignty.

Why do people continue to migrate from the villages to the town regardless of the K10million DSIP fund to service the districts and rural areas?

Why do public servants within the system continue to engage in false claims and defraud the state?
Is the government audit team being 10 times smarter enough to catch the fraudulent activities that are going on in our public service in each provinces and districts?

Why is 98% of each provincial budgets are used up as administrative costs and nothing gets left every year to bring and sustain services to the rural areas?

Why are so many productive age group youths and people out on the streets selling 40 lus and K1 buai?

Why do 3000 women die each year from cervical cancer in PNG?

Why are teachers continue to be paid less even tough they are the public servants that does alot of sacrifices for this country?

Really nothing has changed, no leader is smarter in this day and age to take PNG into the industrial age, Peter O'Neill you took part in the NPF fraud with Jimmy Maladina and then you were appointed Public Service Minister and involved in a failed public service housing scheme at 8 mile (POM) and now you think you will save this country?

You have to start thinking now before you rescind into stagnancy and this country will fall deeper than you can try lifting it.