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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Elected Leaders Failing Nation


The continued presence in Papua New Guinea of Djoko TJANDRA, international fugitive, wanted for fraud by Indonesian authorities and Interpol raises serious concerns about whether or not the Government is truly interested in fighting corruption. Djoko TJANDRA'S citizenship was granted under suspicious circumstances without the Citizenship Committee having ever convened to consider his application.

In fact, it was the whim and will of one single parliamentarian on the basis that he was "a major investor". The message we can deduce is that anyone with a bag of money deemed sufficient as "investment" can and will be granted citizenship. It should concern Papua New Guineans that Djoko TJANDRA is the same driving force behind the NAIMA RICE PROJECT which is about to be endorsed and approved by the NEC according to reliable sources.

This project seeks exclusive rights for a foreign owned company to commercialize rice, that is, the cultivation and trade, sale and distribution of rice in Papua New Guinea. This would mean that no other entity - even Papua New Guinean - can cultivate rice for the purpose of trade in Papua New Guinea. The trend of politicians to enter parliament and immediately ignore the very reasons for which they stood, to represent and protect PNG interests, continues. It is rather sad that our parliamentarians are enthusiastic to marginalize our own people, to relegate them to being spectators on their own land, to stand on the outside, looking in, begging bowl in hand and evaporated dreams and aspirations.

I have spoken up about this and against this but to no avail. Even the media seems to be controlled by powerful corporate and government forces with no effort given to publish such stories which should concern Papua New Guineans. Sadly, the sale of our nation continues, the pimping of our future by those elected to protect our interests....Djoko TJANDRA is wanted by Interpol, Indonesian authorities for allegedly stealing substantial monies, monies that he may now be investing in PNG, for that, we have granted him citizenship and opened our doors. Politicians and bureaucrats gleefully traverse PNG and the region in his private jet, wine and dine and plot the sale of PNG...

Many of the elected leaders of Papua New Guinea continue to demonstrate a lack of concern for the interests of Papua New Guineans...time and time again, they demonstrate their lack of foresight and concern...the growth of their egos only rivaled by the growth of their girth...with apathy and obnoxious disdain they pursue their own personal interests.

If you know your local MP, demand an explanation about this situation...demand action to prevent this heinous situation developing into reality...DJOKO TJANDRAS citizenship MUST be revoked! He is a criminal and MUST be repatriated back to his nation of origin! Demand your local MP's to do something! Write a letter, present a petition, go on radio and newspapers or even TV! Let us not cheapen our country, let us stop the wholesale pimping of our resources and stand up with dignity. Papua New Guineans, take heed and take action.

Seabed Mining, SABLs, Djoko Tjandra, NAIMA Rice Project, Singapore Scandal, TAIWAN Scam, the list is endless...when are we going to save this country and take back our future before it is too late and we are but mere spectators, living in misery and in abject hopelessness...right now we all eat and have some warmth and comfort at night and imagine that all will be fine day our children will be hungry and cold, landless and laborers, serving the children of the robbers and thieves we are facilitating now
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