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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Questions Papua New Guineans should ask


The only certainty about the future of Papua New Guinea is its it is, we are being packaged, initially carefully and elaborately, designed to convince and appease the masses and critics, those who are suspicious and may cause it is blatant.....

A few questions I thought this night while reflecting on Papua New Guinea occurred to me. How is a nation so rich in so many ways constantly having to soak up the blows of apathy and bad governance? How is it that so called Princes and Princesses can visit and be treated with much aplomb and at enormous costs to the State and therefore the people but a child can die in a village from lack of the most basic health care available elsewhere in the world?

How is it that we can declare economic boom and glory days ahead but rapes of mothers are committed in our public market places in broad daylight minutes away from a Police Station? How is it that projects that will most certainly destroy the environment of this nation, unique and untouched are given the green light by politicians who only weeks ago were pleading with their people for the mandate to protect their interests?

How is it that vacuum in leadership continues to grow election after election and we see a lack of leaders who stand up for their country, their people, their future? How is it that we still one this place we call home and yearn for better days and hope, hope that one day, our children and ourselves too, will be truly satisfied that we are on what is the path towards true freedom and happiness, peace and progress?

The villages and hamlets, settlements and ghettoes, where dreams and hopes abound, where also misery and fear increasingly preside are surely festering with bitterness and resentment that life is not actually life anymore but mere existence...that the sweetness and joy of living are no longer felt with the same clear and intensity that they once were but are now being eroded by cynicism, anger and a sense of betrayal, confusion and outrage....

The growing brew of unrest, unemployment and distrust in Government and politicians is a potent mix for the rise of anarchy, civil unrest and rebellion...we have seen a preview with Bougainville...we will see the full feature shortly, I am convinced....

Meanwhile, along the halls of filthy government departments, were there is a dank and dull sense of toil and futility, were a few genuine public servants struggle and most care not, substantial moneys belonging to the people are carefully and cleverly funneled off to benefit a small growing group of filthy rich Papua New Guineans and their puppeteers who eye and divide the nations raw resources....

Papua New Guinea...were is it that we go? The journey ahead looks bleak and the highway is covered with the blood of the victims of broken dreams and promises, the ghosts of their hopes and optimism gather to haunt their future generations, where they may be, begging bowls in hand and pained expressions of memories of possibilities once within grasp.
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