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Stop pretending to be friends Australia, sort out this visa issue.

It is high time we sorted out a few things in relation to our relationship with Australia and Australians. There is no better time than now – when the 9th Parliament commences its term and power transition for the government is safely over. There are a few burning issues that need urgent settlement now, among them the following:

Australia pretends to be a friend of PNG but its motives are apparently different. It seems it does not want to take proactive steps to prevent or discourage or stifle individual cases of theft or corruption in PNG even though it easily could. Believe me they do know the identities of the thieves (most of them young public servants or corrupt politicians – people with no visible sources of high income) who remit unexplained wealth to Australia for laundering and cleansing and safe keeping.

Let me relate an experience that places things in perspective. A day ago a PNG woman of none descript appearance, by her admission a betel nut seller (obviously an average Maria from somewhere in the settlements), was at the Aussie Visa place downtown to obtain an Australian Visa. Apparently she had complied with all their ridiculous requirements, including appending her bank statement to her Application. But she was refused a Visa.

The indignity of it all was that she was asked where she got her money from (she apparently has more than she needed for a short visit). I could not help glancing at her statement. She had records of cash deposits that really only vouched for her story that she makes periodic small cash deposits, consistent with how she said she makes a living. The point I make is that Australians appear to allow easy access to their country by thieves but absolutely want no Kanakas tainting their fair country with whatever it is that they think the rest of us have.

The other matter we must resolve is the Visa problem. Other Pacific Islanders go to Australia anytime they want to. Australia also seems to gladly accept all fair colored people - including radical Muslims and crackpots who no doubt might try to blow up the Opera House one day. These people do not go through the undignified processes that average Papua New Guineans are forced to endure. It hurts to know that our docile government makes life so easy for Australians, who just get on a plane and come here and they are given a Visa on arrival – with no questions other than routine ones being asked.

Mr. Prime Minister, do something about the Visa issue quickly. Tell them that your people are not terrorists. If they want they can take the microscope to Asians or other fair skinned people of non
Melanesian decent. We are simply sick and tired of this Australian attitude.

Mr. Prime Minister we can take these issues to the street if your government fails to act quickly. And we still can force the Manus Asylum Centre issue back on the table. PNG is not the ‘no man’s land’ buffer zone country that Australia thinks it is. No way mate. Do something quickly Sir. The feeling of discontent is stronger than you think, strong enough to upset your government’s political apple cart.