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Exactly who is behind the O'Neill /Dion Government?


The following accounts of events transpired since formation of O’Neill-Dion government in August 2012 reflect the type of leadership and the government PNG has. These events impose various levels of serious national security threats and pose grave concern for PNG despite its status as a vibrant developing economy. These events are allowed to occur sporadically as a result of lack of transparency and governance by the O'Neill-Dion government. This government, though has numerical strength has been allowed to continuously abuse its powers through deliberate mismanagement of our blessed and beautiful country of Papua New Guinea.

The following events will justify this notion; mysterious jet landing and departure, Djoko Tjandra saga, K6 billion loan from China, approval of sea bed mining, Lombrum asylum center, 89 Australian kiaps, Murray Barracks relocation and land grabbing plan, failed public service housing program, serious PNG/Indonesia border intrusion, Investment Corporation of PNG (ICPNG) and Investment Corporation Fund of PNG (ICFPNG) financial fraud,K25 million inflation of contract to reconstruct the Pineapple Building, lack of political will and direction to effectively and immediately implement the politicized free education and free public health policies, amongst many other events.

These events now place PNG in a defenseless position. Thus PNG is vulnerable to foreign exploitation through trans-border immigration, safe movement and residence haven for persons of questionable characters, used by foreign countries to implement their dubious foreign policies, and frustrate international police work when tracing fugitives and trans-national criminal syndicates, and so on. PNG’s ongoing and increasing corrupt practices, increasing law and order problems, and nepotism in appointments of public office holders are some internal events that also hinder healthy working environments and development. The O’Neill-Dion government has been totally ignorant in these areas too; thus placing PNG’s standing in the region as a very unsafe and unfriendly place to work in. PNG’s standing resembles various events in African, Arabic, and Asian countries.

Our discussion will concentrate on the recent mysterious jet arrival and departure at the Jacksons Airport, because this is a very serious security issue. This event is a serious security blunder and a warning to the sovereign state of PNG and its innocent people.

The explanations given by leaders and those who were directly involved in facilitating the landing and departure of this aircraft or jet are inconsistent and do not respond directly to various queries that Papua New Guineans demand. It was alleged that all relevant airport services and officers at Jacksons Airport, customs, immigration, and the control tower of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) were not aware of the aircraft’s flight to PNG. This was a very serious international and internal security blunder. It was also established that the jet had few stopovers at questionable locations before arriving in PNG. This act further reaffirms and tags PNG as a corruption infested country as recently described by Transparency International. Internally, many decent citizens of PNG still have troublesome minds because of PNG’s internal security lapse which has allowed the long flight by a single pilot from security risk countries like Mali and Maldives to PNG. The stopovers from these security risk and corrupt countries are clear indications of some government leaders having direct links with corrupt leaders or dictators in these and other risky countries.

Apart from these dubious links, the mysterious jet arrival and departure will continue to haunt us. Hence, such queries have to be answered. How can this illegal flight not sanctioned by CAA be allowed to land and depart on PNG soil (Jacksons Airport) without being thoroughly investigated? Was this long flight legitimately cleared by all the international airports’ authorities though it was captained by a single pilot? This alien flight has violated all international civil aviation standard operation procedures (SOPs), civil laws and regulations,
international immigration laws, amongst other relevant laws at the international level. For PNG, its conduct is covered under these laws and regulations and is expected to abide by and enforce. What if an aircraft or aircrafts carrying legitimate passengers and doing sanctioned flight(s) collide with this alien jet appearing from the sky in PNG airspace?

Can the ordinary Papua New Guineans afford to be tormented with another painful experience like the plane-crash in Madang and boat-disaster in Morobe in the last 3 years? It will be unbearable. If it did happen, the Chief Executive Officer of PNG Mr. Peter O’Neill or the Prime Minister of PNG Hon Peter O’Neill will be directly held responsible for this maniac act of indecency and will be brought to international court for atrocity against his own people. We all should thank our God Almighty for His abundant grace for not allowing this potential act of barbarism by the PNG government. This event plus others are evidence of the culture and style of leadership Mr. Peter O’Neill is advocating in our country. He is fast becoming a tyrant. The noble leaders who have been democratically mandated by their people should not continue to cling on his leadership style but start disassociating themselves from him to avoid repercussions comes 2017 general elections or get caught up in his devious act and face serious penalties.

Interestingly, the government in its desperate bid to take full control of the content of the boxes on the jet; it appointed a heartless man of a Highlands origin of PNG to clear the plane and passengers from Brussels all the way to PNG’s Jackson Airport. The known Ministers in the O’Neill-Dion government were also present to legitimate this illegitimate flight, ignoring and breaking all international and domestic laws and regulations governing inter-port flights, aircrafts, and airports administration. What an international embarrassment and shame, especially to the 7 million plus people of Papua New Guinea by the thoughtless action of the O’Neill-Dion government.

Though it was a decadent act, the Prime Minister, Hon Peter O’Neill, on behalf of his government allegedly invited Maxwell Carlot to a friendly dinner hosted by his government. Does Mr. O’Neill know that Carlot was a former Lands Minister in Vanuatu government before and after 2006 and was solely responsible for all the corrupt practices in selling State and traditional land in Vanuatu to foreigners? The aftermath of his destructive actions are now being felt in Vanuatu in relations to land ownership, development, and management. He is regarded in Vanuatu as a top conman and sweet-talker as well as an unscrupulous person. With this unethical character, how can he be allowed to use PNG’s facilities as well as luring PNG’s so-called informed senior State Ministers by using PNG as a safe haven to conduct his devious activities? This is again a clear indication of Mr. O'Neill's desperation to hold on the power as Prime Minister so that he can milk wealth as much as he can from PNG’s rich and vast resources.

The black or white money on the alien jet was intentionally brought in illegally to finance Mr. O'Neill's gluttonous desire to hold on power. He allegedly used this black or white money to lure the current coalition partners as well as suppressing and neutralizing any Opposition bid to defeat the 30 months extension of grace period on vote of no confidence in his government. He successfully employed this cunning strategy and consequently extended the grace period for vote of no confidence from 18 months to 30 months on Tuesday, 05th February 2013. This act alone implies that this government is truly desperate for power and control; hence, it is now placed on safe ground to abuse its powers, misappropriate funds, device cunning laws, and use its numerical strength to conduct all its dirty business for its own political and business interests including advance preparations for 2017 general elections and thereafter.

Mr. O'Neill has been entrusted by approximately 30 percent of PNG population during the 2012 general elections because they perceive that he will form the new government and lead PNG to prosperity and sustainable living standards in years to come. Despite this perception, he has explicitly contravened their observation and now reveals his real character which is evil in nature. Thus, he desires to gain as much as he can from the people’s vast resources.

In addition, the alleged involvement of the US Embassy officers inviting Maxwell Carlot for a meeting is an obvious international security threat against the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, undermined PNG’s sovereignty, and disrespected the 7 million plus people of PNG. The most notable point is, US Embassy has craftily used this friendly meeting as a show of respect to this government; however, trialing its cunning scheme to exploit PNG’s vast natural resources without being questioned. It is a grave concern and an obvious challenge to all PNG organisations dealing with security and threat issues. It is a wakeup call for such organisations as PNGDF, Department of Finance, PM’s Department (OSCA), NIO, Customs, Immigration, Border Authority, CAA, Police, and Telekom PNG to improve their information and intelligence collection systems, mechanisms and capabilities. This is a clear violation of PNG laws and a daylight intrusion of PNG’s territory.

These organisations must initiate independent investigations to ascertain the main reason for this illegal flight to PNG including the US interest in this illegitimate flight. Mr. Carlot and his alien jet have obviously imposed a security threat to PNG; therefore, if US Embassy in PNG has invited Carlot for a meeting as alleged, then the action by US Embassy is a direct insult to the decent population of PNG. Based on this allegation, the US Embassy in PNG can be seen as promoting terrorism and indecency in PNG, most likely to create various security situations to manufacture and strengthen its long-term political and economic interest in West Papua and Papua New Guinea (alias East Papua or Papua).

Furthermore, this act evidently strengthens the view that most crises in Arabic and African countries are deceptively engineered and provoked by US. The US has been involved in many wars purely for monetary reasons; especially when its economic interests in that region or a country have been infringed or threatened. If US Embassy thinks, O’Neill-Dion government will protect its interest in the LNG project by inviting Carlot for a meeting then it is wrong because this government will be dethroned soon. The US Embassy’s action also created a wrong signal to decent Papua New Guineans and the world; thus continue to create negative opinion against US. If the US Embassy has invited Carlot for other reasons, then these reasons will be revealed soon or in the near future. The US is fast becoming an un-Christian country because of its various devious acts around the world and internally as well through wicked laws on abortion, laws on gay and lesbian marriages, continuous tolerance on extremist Islamic activities, dangerous gun laws, and its soft support to Israel against the Arabs, and many others. The US apparent ungodly character has again been revealed through this act.

These acts of madness clearly indicate that Mr. O’Neill is not genuine in addressing and countering  corruption in PNG. All his conducts so far are somewhat linked to his suspected involvement in outstanding NASFUND issue. Therefore, he will find it difficult to address and counter corruption effectively because he does not have standing to aggressively fight corruption in PNG. To cover his suspected wrong doings, he has not allowed the Sweep Team to investigate him and his cohorts for the NASFUND’s fraud allegations. Mr. O’Neill was a part of senior management of NASFUND when moneys were fraudulently siphoned out of PNG or invested in-country but under dubious circumstances.

From these discussions, it can be concluded that the above controversial flight to PNG’s Jacksons Airport could have been directed by Mr. O’Neill. It is another evidence of a self-seeking leader who is leading PNG astray. In order to correct and prevent these ongoing corrupt practices, there must be a change in the
leadership of the current government or a total change of government immediately.

The new leadership or government will be able to drive mission-orientated development plans to develop and manage PNG’s vast natural resources so that its 7 million plus people are able to immediately enjoy the benefits before 2030. The noble and newly elected leaders of PNG’s National Parliament have been led to believe that political stability will deliver results in terms of improved social and economic developments. This false assurance of political stability had blindly led them to vote for the extension of a grace period for vote of no confidence from 18 months to 30 months. The support they gave to this Bill will not help in forming a people-orientated government who will truly serve the interest and meet the basic needs of the people of Papua New Guinea. In contrary, by voting for this Bill, they have supported this tyrant leader and his government. This government led by Mr. O'Neill will continue to spread its wings and arms to milk wealth from PNG’s current and new resource developments including its rich and vast cultural diversities for its own political survival and business interest.