By Graham Tenaen Robinson

Opposition Leader Hon. Belden Norman Namah during press conference this afternoon highlighted to effect, a legal proceeding underway through a court injunction preventing a parliamentary vote of the 30 Month Grace Period this week.

Investigations by the opposition revealed damning evidence that the 30 month Grace Period was pushed by corporate interest and heavily tied with personal connections.

“There are companies in Papua New Guinea tied to this 30 Months Grace Period,” the Opposition Leader claimed.

A list of examples included the K6 billion Loan from China, triggered by Ni Cragnolini, wife of LNA Construction Owner Luciano Cragnolini who was sorely responsible for orchestrating the deal between the PNG Government and EXIM bank in China.

“Corporate Greed is controlling our Government,” and further provided examples of contracts given to LNA Construction such as the maintenance renovation and LNA Construction renovated maintenance of Morauta Haus including the International Arrival Terminal.

Also highlighted was LNA construction, recently awarded a PGK75 million contract for maintenance and renovation of the Pineapple building at Waigani, yet the original valuation amounted to PGK50 million.

"The PNG government has been bought off by corporate greed.”

Hon. Belden Namah, made example of another incident that occurred in Madang when a contract awarded to RH, was taken to court by the aggrieved party. The Supreme Court ruled in favour of Madang Timbers. However,
the day Patrick Pruaitch took office as the Forest Minister under the O’Neill-Dion Government, the contract was given back to RH, a clear breach of the Supreme Court decision.

The Opposition Leader cautioned the country including MPs about the decisions they were making;

“Think of the people because you are putting yourself into voluntary exile where you will weaken the your power to operate without fear of favour.”

“Everyone described me a dictator before the elections, however currently Peter O’Neill is looking more the dictator.”

Hon. Belden Namah described the hope of improving PNG’s impoverished standard of living to be destroyed by our PM’s intention that was tied to corporate companies in Papua New Guinea.

He further added that the 30 months Grace Period was highly dangerous and the instruction for a court injunction on the passing of the bill is intended for court tomorrow.

Hon. Belden Namah asked Peter O’Neill why he was scared of a vote of no confidence when he had the majority numbers in parliament.

"We supported his cause in the first count because the idea was best for development in this country. Now, we have discovered Peter O’Neill’s intention and are adamant to stop it."

“We have also have fresh evidence on the NPF inquiry and will push for Police Commissioner, Task Force Sweep Team and Transparency International to expose Peter O’Neill,” the Opposition Leader declared.

"Look at the AUSPAC directors; Frederick Reiher and Ninian Morgan with Shareholder; Jimmy Maladina (including the two directors) are directly linked to Peter O’Neill. The public Housing Scheme that involved PGK40 million misappropriated by the named persons for no work done over a 4 year period."

“This country belonged to the People because it is for the people.”

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