Ano Pala is a smooth criminal

ANO PALA, a very sly and cunning thief but also a quiet manipulator and intriguer, is the current Rigo MP serving in his second term and was also appointed in the O’Neill-Dion Government as the Minister for Transport. While all the media radars including the social media networks are focusing and concentrating on the moves of the ‘heavies’ as in O’Neills, Marapes, Polyes and Namahs by the day, the ‘light heavies’ division in the likes of Ano Pala and others are mounting silent drain-out and killer-raid activities to further destroy, loot and rape our treasury.

Rigo Progress Corporation Limited (RPCL) in which Ano Pala is the sole share-holder owning 2 shares and his District Administrator Iobu Lalaivaina and one of the Ano Pala’s own relative, Patrick Amini who also hails from the same Alukuni village, are directors of RPCL. To cut a long story short RPCL has acquired its assets including construction equipment and machinery from the DSIP Funds since its establishment in 2009. It is also common knowledge that the Central Provincial Government has also contributed by buying more construction equipment and machinery for RPCL under the Governorship of Kila Haoda, which has increased RPCL’s capacity in it’s asset holding. RPCL has now vested interests as well in other business ventures besides civil works and construction projects. Word is also going around heavily amongst the Rigo intellectual and educated elites that K15 Million in DSIP Funds are ‘unaccounted’ for and audits have not yet been conducted for the Rigo District Treasury for reasons we do not know. An audit report is now long overdue.

RPCL books have not even been audited by the Auditor General’s office, which is mandated to carry out audits on all Government bodies and statutory organizations including companies established by applying of DSIP funds, and RPCL falls directly within that boundary. Obviously, RPCL has been operating as a private company that has benefitted only Ano Pala, his family members, relatives including his cohorts, associates and their family members as well. Most of Ano Pala’s family members are frequent flyers to and from Cairns, Brisbane, and Singapore. It is also common knowledge that Ai Pala the son of Ano Pala is a permanent resident in Cairns managing their lucrative property investment business. This family has never operated any business ventures when Ano Pala was a public servant before being elected into Parliament.

The people of Rigo have been clearly cheated and deceived of their rights through constitutional and development grants and furthermore on top of all that abuse the identity name of ‘Rigo’ has been misused in Rigo Progress Corporation Ltd by one person self-serving his interest to mastermind more unscrupulous, dubious and dirty deals only to enrich himself and his family overnight but he is suppose to be the custodian of Rigo people’s beneficial funds by mandate to distribute in development projects.

Rigo District in Ano Pala’s term as their Parliament Representative has not seen any tangible development; nor has any one single feeder road been upgraded, nor has any one classroom been provided full maintenance, not even any of the aid posts been upgraded nor maintenance provided. These are just some of the forgotten-development-projects that can be mentioned whilst K30 Million Kina for the district has just merely disappeared. (K10 Million from 2007-2011, 2012, and 2013 @ K10 Million per year).

I strongly urge the Rigo people to rise and take this man down as he is already building his empire of wealth and riches at Rigo people’s expense and out of what is rightfully belonging to Rigo people.