Another crook in the making, Nepotism and mismanagement allegations at PNGIMR


Can any journalist out there and relevant authorities please investigate Professor Peter Siba – Director of Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research (PNGIMR)? He is practicing widespread nepotism as well as threatening, intimidating, terminating and demoting staff who want to speak up against him.

He has now appointed his wife (a data entry clerk with no qualifications) as the site administrator for the LNG research control site at Karkar island (her own place). One of his sons who is in their village at Karkar is also on the PNGIMR payroll but nobody knows what he does.

Recently, his son was drunk and broke the wind screen and other parts of a PNGIMR vehicle but his father sent him home on a few weeks suspension on full pay while he terminated 3 very experienced staff with over 20 years of experience for a minor alcohol related matter.

This particular son of Peter Siba returned to work after his suspension with a knife and nearly killed a PNGIMR staff in front of everyone in an IMR bus over a minor argument. Nothing was done about it.

He also has another son who has a diploma in science education obtained from the university of Goroka whom he has sent to USA on full scholarship and even on a business class flight to do a masters degree even though there are so many other fully qualified and academically gifted scientists currently working for the PNGIMR.

He has also employed his adopted son, a young man named after him, with a completely awkward background in Agriculture with low grades, to work in one of the highly skilled PNGIMR labs, in a highly skilled area of science (immunology).

 There are so many other people he has employed without an interview now working at PNGIMR. Almost all of them are his relatives. He is currently using IMR carpenters who are supposed to be working for the institute, to build his mansion at Karkar Island. Of course, PNGIMR pays them.

Lately he terminated the contract of all his senior staff because they wanted to talk to him about a budget deficit that only him knew where the money has gone to. Millions of kina.

Somebody, please investigate him immediately. He is driving PNG’s only world-class medical research institute into the drain and thinks he can get away with it.
Relevant authorities, please help us save PNGIMR.