Who is Joseph Kila?

At PNGBLOGS we are happy to have people write to us to have their voices heard, We got a threatening
e-mail from a JOSEPH KILA yesterday, this is what he/she wrote: 

I write to you on behalf of some of the persons and corporations that are mentioned in the PNG Blogs Blog post: “Massive Corruption in Western Province. Will The PM Intervene?”.

The false allegations made against these persons are of a very serious nature and they have advised me to find the author of the post as well as the identities of the persons operating PNG Blogs.
In Papua New Guinea, there are Government agencies and well developed civil and criminal courts of Law equipped to process complaints against Public Offices, National leaders, bureaucrats, private individuals and corporate persons.  
The persons and corporations adversely affected and defamed by the publication are prepared to draw from similar measures and investigations carried out by NASFUND in 2011; in fact, persons involved in the NASFUND investigations of PNG Blogs have expressed their willingness to co-operate with this present investigation; It is our intention to have you the site Administrators of PNG Blogs prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law, for publishing highly defamatory content on your site.
You are being given 48 hours from close of business on the 26th of February 2014 to remove “Massive Corruption in Western Province. Will The PM Intervene?” from PNG Blogs content listing.
Failure to do so will result in us taking all measures that are necessary to legally have you prosecuted for publishing this highly defamatory content.
It is our hope that you will do the right thing and delete the referred post We do not wish to escalate thisany further than it has gone. We do not seek an apology or a retraction on the record. All we seek is that these published lies be pulled down from your blog.
thankyou for taking the time to read this email.
Joseph Kila 

And of course our reply to him, to date he has not replied:
All the information published are available on public domain and on Facebook. Talk to the former Administrator of Western Province, these are all his allegations. We will not remove the posting.The Nasfund story you are referring to is http://www.pngblogs.com/2011/06/50000-reasons-to-shut-down-pngblogs.html   The reward is still there to shut down this website We have been critical of all governments,  We have reported on issues of corruption affecting the country, if you are proud of Corruption F**K YOU... We are sick of people like you.

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