It beggers real belief that people who are in a position to make a real difference in the lives of the scabbied, malnourished, underprivileged, unfortunate, destitute, outcastes, poverty stricken etc are instead establishing Charity organisations in the pretext of doing the same thing they are otherwise mandated to do. Their goodwill seems superficial and a sustained hypocrisy in the land of the ignorants. Nobody really knows their real intentions.

O’Neill Foundation, Ipatas Foundation, Marape Foundation,,,,,, you name the rest. Aren’t these people some private citizens extending their goodwill to help humanity? I know Bill Clinton started the Clinton Foundation after he left politics. I know Bill Gates Foundation as a work of a rich philanthropist. But where do we place our mandated leaders who during the tenure of their term establish such foundations?

I hope it’s seriously not for some tax evasive schemes.

I hope it’s not for a public image campaign,,,,,act of kindness, goodwill etc…

Information gathered from respective Government departments is that the Chief Secretary and PM’s office wrote to all Government departments to participate in the charity fundraising with a contribution of K50,000 each. Many departments did contribute that much as they did not have any choice.

I believe Peter O’Steal had made enough money from his corrupt deals at the expense of the people and should now find ways to help the needy after he retires instead of continuously bleeding us to put up his plastic smile.