Wobiros K14million land deal with PNGDSP sponsored his 2012 election win now he demonises PNGSDP & Sir Mekere Morauta

PNGSDP K14m Land deal documents signed by Wobiro and Norman Carl may deal put together & negotiated by Ati Wobiro

1. Land transfer instrument for section 65 ,lot 2 daru from My Home Development Ltd to PNG Sustainable Development LTD for Total sum of K7,080,200.00 million dated 13/02/2012

2.Land transfer instrument for section 65 ,lot 12 daru from Norman Carl may to PNG Sustainable Development LTD for Total sum of K6,596,200.00 million dated 13/02/2012

3. PNGSDP bsp banK Cheque Number 877505 Total K6,744,590.00 million paid to My Home Development Ltd dated 5/4/2012

4.PNGSDP bsp banK Cheque Number 877503 Total K6,235,949.67 million paid to Norman Carl may dated 5/04/2012

5. PNGSDP bsp banK Cheque Number 877504 Total K448,020.00 million paid to Norman Carl may dated 5/04/2012

6 Total paid K13,428,559.67 million these whole deal was negotiated by Ati Wobiro himself with PNGSDP

7. Next we will post actual banK statements showing large amouts transfered into Ati Wobiros banK accounts after these funds were paid

8. Lands officer rsponsible for these deal is rupert tabua he was paid K20,000 direct payment into his banK accounts

9. The Lands department valuAtions of the unimproved value for atleast 13 blocKs shows less than K200,000 for 13 blocKs so the price of K13m plus is so far over the valuAtions its theft of Western province peoples funds

10. Clause 45 of the PNGSDP articles of associAtions very clearly says " the company must not maKe,offer,or authorise a payment or transfer of anything of value to a government official,political organisAtion or official thereof or a candidate for political office "' it is plain and clear Ati Wobiro was a candidate for the 2012 elections in april when these payments were made ""

11. Now Ati Wobiro finds it perfectly fine and oK to criticise PNGSDP and poor sir MeKere Morauta for misapplying PNGSDP see his National news article below


Western Governor Ati Wobiro (pictured) says his people have totally rejected the PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP) following revelations that it was spending money from the long-term fund on legal costs.

“I am very disappointed and I think the people of Western are very disappointed, that the truth of the matter has now come about as a result of the court hearings in Singapore,” he told said yesterday.
“One of the most disappointing facts is that the PNGSDP board, under Sir Mekere (Morauta), has access to these long-term funds, about US$55 million (K135,785,712).
“This is completely against rules set for the long-term fund.
“The rules are very clear: Those funds will only be accessed for the benefit of the people of Western after Ok Tedi mine closes.
“The PNG Sustainable Development Program has seen fit to interfere in these funds for which they have no right.
“Whatever little faith the people of Western have in PNGSDP is gone, they can’t trust PNGSDP.
“We have great plans for Western, we want to use the dividends.
“I’m looking forward to the Singapore court eventually ruling that the PNGSDP no longer has any more responsibility for the management of our long-term funds.”
Wobiro said he had agreed with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill that a Western sustainable fund be set up to control the funds in place of the PNGSDP.
“I am disappointed to learn that PNGSDP has sold off some of its investments in PNG to generate revenue for their court cases.
“This is not a Western province court case.
“How PNGSDP pays for their court cases is their own responsibility.
“We single-handedly have suffered from the effects of Ok Tedi, now we are suffering from another effect.
“The misuse of our funds is grossly unjustified.
“I would hope that the court case is settled soon and all the money is returned to Western province.