Human Sacrifice In the Name of Cleaner Sidewalks

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Please share this photo and story if you feel any genuine compassion and sadness for what happened to this elderly woman.

I really believe that anyone who saw this front page photo on the Post Courier today and didn’t get tears in their eyes or feel sick to their stomach has a soul that borders on the inhuman.   The sadness of seeing the young boy hugging his dead grandmother’s body was almost overwhelming as I put my mind inside that boy’s mind.   Sadness changed to anger thinking about the injustice of what happened.  The boy lost his grandmother because NCDC Buai Gestapo agents attacked and chased her into the street trying to take her betelnut and her K30.  Terrified and not looking where she was going, she was hit by a car and killed.  The Parkop/Tkatchenko street thugs then ran away like the cowards they are, leaving her to die.

Should any of you argue back, “it was the grandmother’s fault,” don’t bother.  Your personality type is clear.  People with your attitude can look at the photo and not feel any sadness.   I know many like you, you are not alone in your inhumanity.

Uncompassionate people see nothing morally wrong with imposing informal death penalties upon poor and struggling people.  The rich get away with stealing millions every day in our country and how much money did this mother try to hold onto when her life was taken away from her?   K30.  Try to put your mind inside the mind of the motherless boy and see if you are capable of feeling even a fraction of that young boy’s pain.   Any hurt or pain the government paid thugs now feel for their contribution in killing this woman is nothing compared to what that boy will feel for the rest of his life.  

Powes Parkop calling for a report is nothing more than pretending to care. This grandmother died so that Pompous Parkop can show off clean sidewalks to overseas visitors at the Pacific Games, an event whose gate fees will undoubtedly be too much for poor people to afford.  Stories about Powes Parkop being some great champion of the poor and trampled have hopefully died once and for all.  It’s nothing but talk. Bury those false stories in the grave with the dead grandmother Veronical Memi Onne.  Let us never again hear the word compassion used in the same sentence as the names Parkop or his sidekick Justin Tkatchenko.

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Imposing laws like the buai ban on impoverished people is unjust.  Unjust laws are immoral.  A humane society that calls itself Christian and assumes itself to be compassionate would never allow such injustice to stand.   People in many non-Christian countries are known to rise up in anger when this kind of injustice.   Unjust laws are naturally opposed by compassionate people.  But not us and not in PNG.

Somewhere along the road of history our society got screwed up.  We get worse each day and do nothing about it.  Our Melanesian society went from one that was imperfect, yet fully compassionate to everyone within the community.  We threw that away to embrace a somewhat westernised society led by people who show false compassion and even then, only when they want to create good publicity for themselves.  We are now a society where most people will run over to see the spectacle of people beating each other to a bloody pulp, yet only stand and stare at a dead woman lying in the street and doing nothing to console the grieving boy.   Where is the humanity in these modern reactions?   Where does Christianity fit into this response?  Where is there any evidence at all that the Bible ever touched our shores?

The killing of the elderly grandmother yesterday was just the latest of endless police brutalities.  Still police leaders pretend (as Police Commissioner Vaki did yesterday) that the problem is recent and it will be dealt with decisively.  Commissioner Vaki could have dealt decisively with the problem years ago and failed, yet he proves himself extremely effective at helping the Prime Minister escape being arrested for a valid investigation.   

The mother’s death is but one of many signs of our government ‘s strengthening police state tactics.  This has full approval of Powes Parkop, Justin Tkatchenko, and Peter O’Neill who make compassion and sympathy into beautiful displays of fake showmanship, with Tkatchenko learning the pathetic trick (whenever he sees a camera pointing towards him), of tilting his head slightly to the side so that he looks like an little puppy in need of love.  In reality, PP, JT and PO consider low level urban Papua New Guineans as costly dust that contributes nothing to their development dreams.  The government’s continued brutal attitude to Paga Hill long time settlers until only last week is such a great example.

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PP, JT and PO firmly believe that the ends justifies the means and  some people must suffer if we are to achieve overall progress,  That is exactly what slave traders and slave owners believed and promoted in times past.  Bibles were held passionately against the hearts of the blackbirder masters and American slave owners each time they talked about the pitiful primitive black people they were helping and lifting out of the darkness by giving them meaningful forced labour.   

Now we have black masters with the same pathetic attitudes ruling us, with one oddball naturalised citizen thrown into the mix.  Our 3 national fascists PP, JT and PO all believe that cleaning up Port Moresby means getting rid of the morally straight human dust that tries to earn a living underneath their fancy dress shoes.  

Today the blood of this dead mother Veronica Memi Onne covers the hands of Powes Parkop and Justin Tkatchenko in particular.   Their inhumane priorities that caused this tragedy.  Their first priority in the ban the buai campaign was not to help the poor people whose livelihoods would be destroyed by the ban.  Priority #1 was to take away the means of making a living for poor people like Grandmother Onnes.

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I now curse this government and their unchristian “progress at all costs” attitude.   It is not only PP and JT who have no compassion.  We also have a government MP in Lae who seems to have no interest to improve Lae market facilities to help struggling women wage earners.   Yesterday in the PNG Attitude blog site there were photos of boxes and boxes of donated drugs and medicines for poor rural people dumped carelessly outside a Lae warehouse and abandoned until the medicines went bad.  The government people in charge obviously feel no compassion for the millions of villagers who now have little to no access to live saving medicine. Jesus must sob each time he sees yet another example in the nation full of examples of false humanity, led by false prophet MPs and downright scoundrels.  

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I have thought about things and formed my own plan concerning the buai ban.  Starting today, I will now spit buai onto the sidewalk every chance I get.  I will purposely, willingly, delightfully break laws established by Nazi NCD leaders Parkop and Tkatchenko which hurt the poor.  I will happily commit these and other acts of civil disobedience against the O’Neill government of inhumanity.   I commit myself to a lifetime of rebellion against these stupid unjust laws in the memory of late Veronica Memi Onne and her grandson Frank Afuti.  

Yes, tell me how awful I am to figuratively spit in the faces of these Nazi leaders by smearing red spit on their clean sidewalks to replicate the blood of the dead grandmother and of Jesus Christ Himself.   Those of you who disagree with me, I understand your different philosophy in life.   You support this government because you support their heavy handed tactics against the helpless and the poor.   You feel deep within your soul that it is okay for some people to suffer or even lose their lives as the price to be paid for development and progress.

Unlike you, I, believe that human life is sacred and the sanctity of respect, decency, and humanity should be first, second and third priority in our lives.

On which side does Jesus Christ align Himself with?  Will He move to the side of PP, JT and PO whose warped development priorities led to this needless death?  Or will our Lord smile in agreement at the compassionate citizens who start taking peaceful actions to destroy the stupid buai ban until our leaders start putting the values of humanity and compassion as the new highest priority?

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An hour ago I spit my first buai on the cement near the police station in memory of Mrs Onne.  I’m starting to feel better.