If what Saulep’s is trying to bring across to us the students, staff and concerned parties of PNG University of Technology Taraka Campus is true and wants Shram to step down from the office of the Vice Chancellor, why don’t our SRC setup at SPECIAL FORUM for him to give a speech to the concerned students here? Why don’t he come tell us on our face the “TRUTH” he is preaching over the media (newspaper)? Why don’t he ask the students himself to find out if UniEtch is flying or not?
The once proclaimed by “The National” newspaper in April 2014, on a front paper article “ACTING VICE CHANCELLOR” of PNG University of Technology and former Pro Chancellor of PNG University, we really feel for your sacrifices and appreciate your great concerns for this university (PNG UniTech), while you were here, you have done great work. We really feel for you when you never had a chance to sit in that office you were given the position by “The National” during our boycott last year.
Your concerns as stated in The National newspaper (,
we think its best you come share it with the concerned students here at PNG Unitech campus. 

 As current and outgoing students of The Papua New Guinea University of Technology, we are proud to celebrate the outcomes of the good work of VC Dr Albert Schram. From the scratches, filth and dirt people like the former Chancellor Philip Stagg, former VC Misty Baloloi and yes YOU SAULEP left, Dr Albert Schram has showed us that he can do it even with less funds, unqualified as claimed by Saulep, please feel free to come and tell us the students and staff of PNG UniTech here  at the campus. Dr Schram has done so much for the University within a short period of time and if you Saulep were still here, NOTHING would have changed like what it is like now. We the students don’t see Dr Schram as unqualified, we see Dr Albert Schram as HIGHLY QUALIFIED than crooks like you RALPH SAULEP. 

He can deliver better than you, he is that best VC’s yet you are claiming he is You (Saulep) claim that the University is not “FLYING”, we are happy you mentioned the word “flying” itself as the word was initiated by VC Dr Schram and actually UniTech has fully grown wings already and is flying with the new fastest internet connection, and we keeping an eye on preys like you do not interfere to stop the progress. We now have one of world’s fatest internet connection here, if you and your old partners in corruption were here, this wouldn’t happen. Your claims are worthless, from a student perspective, I am frustrated to hear from people like you claiming that Schram is unqualified when at the first place your team of CORRUPT partners got him into the job after interviews. Didn’t you check properly his credentials before getting him in? 

To cut it short, Mr Saulep, it is a waste of time to try to find ways to attack our innocent Vice Chancellor, get a life and move on. We must warn you that, the student body plus tha staff of this University and concerned stakeholders and the REST of the Independence State of Papua New Guinea DO NOT WANT HEAR ANY MORE CRAPS from YOU Raph SAULEP! We DO NOT WANT YOU TO HINDER THE PROGRESS OF THIS UNIVERSITY UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF DR ALBERT SCHRAM. We must NOT see or hear anything from you, LET Dr Schram to be a FREE MAN to devep this University and bring this University to the next level. Let the outside world know this University, let the children of this nation get Quality Education from this University (PNG UniTecch). Let Dr Schram do his job without fear, on behalf of the PNG, the Students of PNG University of Technology would like tell Dr Albert Schram that WE GOT YOUR BACK, do your best for this University and NOT fear CROOKS like Ralph SAULEP.
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