Name alike, do alike –Geoffrey Vaki v Gari Baki
It is not an uncommon incident to see those who are named alike do alike. The two names Geoffrey Vaki and Gari Baki rhyme but do they in conduct? Some Commonalities observed are as follows.


Both men were budded (taken from outside) into the post of the Commissioner of Police by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill under very suspicious circumstances. The appointments were made amidst imminent arrest of PM O’Neill relating to his approval of fraudulent payments to controversial law firm Paul Paraka Lawyers.

The appointment and/or removal of Commissioner of Police just like any other head of a Department, goes through a merit based appointment process, which includes public advertisement, consultation with the Public Service Commission and NEC. Public records show that none of these processes were invoked in the appointment/removal of these two Commissioners.


The first order of business embarked on by these two Commissioners was their attempt to interfere with the criminal case against PM O’Neill. Poor Geoffrey Vaki, as fervent as he is, demonstrated overtly that he was there to interfere with the arrest of the PM. At the outset he had no time to sit down with the investigators and find a way forward.  His actions have now tied a stone around himself with a prison term of three years with hard labour. He is a State prisoner on bail. He paid the ultimate price of protecting his master –PM.

Gari Baki on the other hand comes with a wealth of experience and skill, being former COP and director of National Intelligence Organization.  He said all the right words at the time of taking office; may be because he wanted to be viewed differently from his name alike; or may be because his master (PM) cleverly did not instruct him but allowed him to settle in first.

Information gathered from very reliable sources reveal that Assistant Commissioner Thomas Eluh who is at the forefront of the investigations against PM was served his suspension notice last Tuesday.  In further developments, Mr Baki is calling Director of National Fraud Directorate, Chief Superintendent Mathew Damaru to surrender all PM’s files and provide a brief on the cases including why Damaru and Gitua are instituting various legal proceedings to challenge the PM.

At some point in time, Baki was expected to make this call and it just happened.


Sir Toami Kulunga, a career professional Police Commissioner was unceremoniously deposed when he approved the arrest of PM O’Neill. Geoffrey Vaki, another career police officer was appointed and unceremoniously removed in anticipation of his conviction. He served for less than a year as the COP.  Both Kulunga and Vaki are now State prisoners on bail pending the outcome of their respective Supreme Court appeals.

It is believed that Gari Baki is being put under immense pressure to destabilize the team that is mounting the case against the PM. Baki is told that he does it or would be removed as the shortest serving COP in the history of the RPNGC.

Three COPs have are being destroyed by just one man for his own survival, not to mention the amount of destruction he is doing to the sanctity and constitutional independence of the office of the COP and the RPNGC.

It is believed that PM is under extreme pressure to find another way out because the protection that he enjoyed from the Judiciary had now lapsed, exposing him to immediate arrest.

How long can this person trample over our institutions and the rule of law? I guess only to the extent of our ignorance.