Peter O'Neill and his out of control government have been running what has been a functional dictatorship.  There is no opposition and nearly all the MPs we elected proved to be docile puppets who spoke not a word of protest or concern, so focused were they on getting their DSIP and other development monies from the PM which in turn, was what they reckoned was their key to getting re-elected.  Hardly ever did nationalism come first or concern for PNG.  There were warnings after warnings about the out of control, loan fuelled infrastructure building for the Pacific games especially, a gigantic waste of money that all has to be paid back with interest.  Made all the more wasteful because of the built in kickbacks to Tom, Dick, Harry, and oftentimes the Chinese themselves. 

So many people on the social media just didn't get it.  Maybe the warnings of pending doom all looked like a dreamland, but again and again the evidence was presented:  a blow-out budget that has left the government with no money to properly fund expenses for the rest of 2015, the collapsing kina.  The graphs were all there, the numbers were presented, yet still people did not rise up like they would have in any country that had an educated population.   This reality is painful, made even more painful by the fact that the social media consists of the educated elite of our nation.  Supposedly there are no more smarter or more educated people than those who would have access to the internet.  Yet, never was their a reaction to the obvious financial statistics of doom like there would have been overseas.  The most reaction were thumbs up.  Peter O'Neill learnt long ago that thumbs up on Facebook is an empty gesture that proved no threat to him at all.

We had our chance, PNG, to straighten out a problem that was certainly going to affect each and every one of us in a negative way.   We blew it.  We did nothing.  We didn't stand up against the most corrupt government in PNG history.   Now the story is going international and you can rest assured that only the worst of the scumbag foreign investors will want to put any money into PNG once they see the graphs themselves.  In this morning's Sydney Morning Herald newspaper it is crystal clear what has been warned again and again in PNGBLOGS over the past year.  PNG is headed for a severe financial crisis even worse than what occurred during the incompetent Bill Skate regime, when the kina dropped from 1 kina being worth 90 cents to the US dollar  down to 25 cents. 

We all need to do some soul searching to figure out why we as a people create our own disasters by never protesting or speaking up when we see the disaster creators amongst us do their thing.   Why do we never protest in effective ways?  Why does the most educated segment of our population do nothing apart from giving a thumbs up on a Facebook posting?

Read todays news article and copy and paste it because it probably won't be available for non-subscribers for very long:

Always remember that PNG BLOGS doesn't just post submissions without serious consideration of whether or not they're true.  That's not to say PNG BLOGS gets it right all the time, but the articles tend to reveal the realities of PNG far better than any of our mainstream PNG media. 

Also realise that if you want to wait for evidence, evidence, and more evidence before you make a decision on what's really going on, you'll wait forever.  There comes a point where logic and deduction have to activate themselves inside our brains.   We have to figure out how to put 2+2 together without waiting, waiting, and waiting until the number "4" is spoonfed to us in front of our noses. 

With all that in mind please be clear about the following:   Peter O'Neill is what people say he is-the King of Deception, Father of Lies.  He is more deeply evil than any Prime Minister we have had in the history of our nation.   He is determined to hang onto power and become more than filthy rich in the process.  And he may well succeed so long as the educated elite of PNG does nothing more than click the thumbs up icon on Facebook pages.  

How much longer will we, the educated elite of PNG, let Peter O'Neill continue to hold the power in this nation and not only screw us over now, but in the process screw over future generations as well? 

Yes, God will act in the end, after Peter O'Neill is planted deep in the ground.  But if we wait for God to act, we will have created for ourselves more of a hell on earth than a heaven.    So please:  no more statements against Peter O'Neill that God will pass final judgment.   It is time the judgments against Peter O'Neill start coming before he has left the earth.  For the sake of our children.