They were once not the best of buddies so what has brought them together?

Read some inside info on Tiffany Gaye Nonggorr (Tiffany Twivey), courtesy of DR Susan Merrell
“Her legal practices, set up with Maladina, I believe could be a front for laundering money through her trust account.  The amounts that it's mooted she was paid for her advice is far too high.  It's a way of getting money, supposedly legitimately, out f (sic) government coffers.  Maladina is a very shrewd and crooked politicain (sic) (great shame, I've met him and liked him a lot) Had a drink with him one night in POM when Tiffany had left for Lae.  (She'd introduced me.) Didn't know then about the affair - found out the next day when she returned.  But the private date had obviously been playing on her mind.  It was moses idea and was perfectly innocent apart froma bit of harmless flirtation.”
“At a guess, I'd say he's hanging on to the relationship because he's using her practice to extort money.  Just a guess.”
“Oh yes.  Her appetites are legendary.  That's why I'm wondering why Moses is putting up wit (sic) it.  Can only be money.”
“I'd also like to get back at Twivey, but I feel she's a diversion.  She's selling herslf (sic) to whoever will give her sex.  And, to quote that saying again - she's the hole and not the doughnut.” 
“Seems so.  She's obviously frightened of you.  People are sending me info about her.  Unfortunately, everyone knows things but no one is willing to go on record or provide any verification and I won't publish unless I'm sure.”     
“It was the PNC fundraiser last year.  I was still talking to Namah at that point and he told me she publicly grabbed his bum and he lost his temper with her as he had his reputation to think of.  LOL”
“I do know that.  That's what frightens me.  She is a first-class bitch but I'd hate her to be chopped to pieces.”
“I think she has really stuffed up her life as she knew it - badly.  She's made so many enemies.  I doubt whether she'll bounce back from this.  I predict Moses is using her practice to launder money and that's why he stays with her because apparently she has a voracious sexual appetite and will bed anything on two legs - and that is something I know.”