King James Version Bible was brought in by the Politicians, their faith will be Tested by the People on Independence day. Are they really changed or is it for political convenience?

Everyone must go to the Parliament and demand all our politicians and bureaucrats since 1975 to current regime must come forward and say sorry for misleading us in the wilderness for last 40 years in our resources rich country. Why wasting time celebrating the pain and Nightmare caused by their bad decisions and corruption. Some examples of their very bad and corrupted decisions we really feel the pain in our hearts are as follows:

1. Devaluation of kina currency in 1994 by Sir Julius Chan have inflated the skyrocketing price of basic goods and services as a result a poor mother can not afford to send her beloved child or children to bed without decent meal. Nightmare housing rental and etc,

2. Open up the influx gate in Look North Policy in 1987 by Paias Wingti have flooded the foreign opportunists to seize all our birth right assets including our commercial land, fish, forests and industries and to make the matter worse allowing them to adventure into cottages businesses now pushing indigenous out of business and we become nobody on our own country,

3. Two laws in one country started by Somare in 1978 by setting Josephine Ambaizza to freedom when the Chief Justice Sir William George Francis had sentenced her to hard labor for misconduct in the public office. The Australian CJ resign automatically and when back to Australia. This precedent is weakening the system and now Politicians and Senior bureaucrats like Kavo, Potape, Maladina and other hundreds of them stealing millions of Kina and still walking freely around on the streets of Port Moresby while small people stealing small things went through torturing process n hard labour for many years. Two laws in one country one for supermen and another for human.

4. Current Prime Minister Peter O'Neil Continue to ignore the cries of our small people including against advice of financial Crisis, Budget deficit, PNG DFRB issue, Exservice men, UBSA, HHRP, Manam Islanders, Drought, OK Tedi crisis, Puma Energy crisis, Kundiawa water problem, Lae City Authority, central Province buai market, illegal eviction and demolishing, UoG crisis, Empty promise to UPNG on Games village as J. Tkatchenko said UPNG has no capacity to manage the biggest hotel in the region and the list goes on.

5. State murder is started by Sir Mekere Morauta since 2001 when he ordered police men to shoot to kill when UPNG Students protest against his policies on Land mobilisation and privatisation. Today lots of innocent citizens are killed by the state police men. He must come forward and apologise to the nation.

6. Sir Rambie Namaliu era Bougainville Crisis starting and we lost lots of innocent citizens through this conflict.

Why should we be silent? Wrong n Pain can not go together for too long is too far. We must rise up, speak up n heal up the imminent . We as citizens we are entitled to every rights warranted under our constitution. Why are we waiting when the day when our fathers and forefathers had fought for our political freedom and its our turn to fight for their economic freedom.

Don't wait for angel in heaven to come and instruct you to rise up, speak up and heal up the imminent damage. Liklik man tok traim na support na biainim na yumi lukim change or our children will be nobody on their own country.

We also give credit to our leaders for getting us democratic independence nation and building this nation to stage.