Two veterans of the Police Force have been unceremoniously terminated in circumstances not isolated to the current cases pending in court relating to the Arrest Warrant against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
Chief Inspector Timothy Gitua and Assistant Commissioner of Police Thomas Eluh who are two of the officers at the forefront of the investigations against PM O’Neill had been terminated. These are two officers who have been serving the Royal Constabulary with distinction for many years.

“We believe that the two officers had been vindictively penalised by the Commissioner of Police and his deputy.” We have reason to believe that this decision, though not surprising, is not an isolated act but one that, in the whole scheme of things, is tailored and coordinated to frustrate and defeat the pending court cases against the PM. Although we do not question the Commissioner’s powers to take disciplinary actions, we believe that the timing and circumstances under which the decisions are made is highly questionable:-

• The two officers are involved in the criminal and related civil cases against the PM,

• Many unsuccessful attempts were made previously to remove the two officers, Chief Superintendent Mathew Damaru and others.

• Lawyers representing PM & Co previously objected vigorously for Messrs Damaru and Gitua to be included as parties in PM’s arrest warrant related proceedings.

• Not too long ago, Lawyers representing PM & Co made yet another unsuccessful attempt to remove our lawyers from acting for Messrs Damaru and Gitua. On 28th August 2015, Justice Kirriwom dismissed the application, stating amongst others, that Messrs Damaru and Gitua were policemen performing their duty in the interest of the country.

• On 8th September, about 7 working days after the unsuccessful attempt in Court, our lawyers, Messrs Gregory Egan and Terence Lambert were banned from entry.

• Less than three weeks after, the two police officers are terminated.

We have turned the anti-corruption temperature on. Our cases are getting closer to completion and hence some people are feeling very uncomfortable.
We are seeking legal advice on this matter on the appropriate course of action to take.