Supreme Court today dismissed the appeal by Minister of Finance James Marape challenging an earlier decision allowing Director of National Fraud & Anti-Corruption join the Supreme Court proceedings that issued a interim injunction against Marape and Prime Minister's arrest.

Marape's appeal to remove Damaru and Gitua was supported by the Prime Minister, Commissioner of Police and Attorney General and Paraka Lawyers. Damaru and Gitua were granted leave (permission) in March 2015 by Supreme Court Judge Terrence Higgins.

Supreme Court proceedings were initiated by Marape challenging an earlier decision by the National Court in July 2014 refusing Prime Minister and Marape's application seeking an interim stay order from the Court preventing Police from arresting them in relation to fraudulent payments to Paraka Lawyers.

After filing the SC proceedings Marape and Prime Minister then moved a further application asking SC to stay their arrest until the SC determines their appeal whether the National Court had erred in its judgement.

Once the stay orders were issued Marape failed to progress the proceedings. In March 2015 Damaru and Gitua then filed an application seeking leave to join as a party on grounds as they had sufficient interest in the proceedings as lead investigators into the fraudulent payments to Paraka Lawyers.

After joining those proceedings Damaru and Gitua filed an application to set aside the stay order and also assisted the Court by progressing the appeal book for substantive hearing.

Marape then filed an appeal challenging the earlier SC decision allowing Damaru and Gitua to join.

The Court heard appeal on 2nd September and today ruled to dismiss Marape's appeal confirming they have sufficient interest to challenge the stay order preventing the arrest of Prime Minister.

Damaru and Gitua may now move their application to set aside the stay preventing the arrest against the Prime Minister and James Marape.