More than a month ago we started getting urgent messages on PNG Blogs Facebook from some final year students at Papua New Guinea University of Technology. They reported that their Student Representative Council (SRC) had transformed from an outstanding national role model for justice during the Unitech Saga to a non-transparent group lacking financial accountability and strangely opposite of last year's SRC in fighting government actions that hurt the university.  We were begged to warn others nationwide and this we did, putting up postings on PNG Blogs Facebook page.  We always believe in promoting transparency in governance.   Now we hear that the predicted corruption has taken place as detailed in the student's report below.  Mr Mabiria's mysterious disappearance from campus right after the culture show ended and all the money was collected is a damning suggestion of wrongdoing.

We also heard that the now starting SRC elections were set up and manipulated by Mr Mabiria some weeks
back to continue this year's corrupt style of leadership into the future.  Independently we verified from
sources at 3 campuses that James Marape did meet secretly with SRC leaders throughout PNG early this
year.  There continues to be floating stories that these meetings were followed by "donations" to SHP SRC
presidents at UPNG (Roy Cornelius) and Unitech (Richard Arthur Mabiria) to ensure that there would be no
student protests as the government's financial situation became dire this year.  The idea seems to be that
Mabiria would hand over the power to cronies who would continue to make sure that the Unitech SRC
would do the bidding of the O'Neill government using James Marape as the intermediary.  

A few weeks ago we posted on Facebook a protest document written by Mabiria on behalf of the students. 
The paper was ridiculous as there was no power backing up the demands for information and it was written
in English of lower high school level.  It was clearly a sham designed to fool Unitech students into thinking
their SRC was accomplishing something when it wasn't.  Not surprisingly the government has ignored

Mabiria's demand for information.  

Yesterday we were contacted by members of a multi ethnic student coalition at Unitech who report that
there will be a general boycott of the election, including even some participation by Southern Highlands
students who have figured out what's going on and want to do the right thing.   We were told that earlier
the Unitech administration wanted ballot boxes and voting to be done by departments.  This change in
voting would have destroyed the plan to intimidate those students who didn't vote for the "right
candidates".  Mabiria successfully resisted the attempts to remove wantok intimidation from the voting
process so that the election could be carried out using the usual kind of pressures that we see on a national

We applaud those unhappy Unitech students who want to express their unhappiness using boycott.  But there are situations where boycotts are effective and situations where they are not. To have such financial lack of accountability to go on all this year required either incompetence or willingness to ignore trouble on the horizon by the Unitech administration including VC Albert Schram.  Dr Schram needs to pull up his socks and take measures to ensure that the SRC is made fully accountable for finances just like any other institution.  This new SRC monkey business must be stopped before it becomes a corruption cancer.  SRC election rules must be rewritten to prevent the kind of ethnic dominance and organised crime style intimidation campaigning and free beer style bribery that dominates UPNG and now takes over Unitech.    We ask those students who plan not to boycott the campaign and election:  If that's all you're planning to do, you will achieve nothing.    Consider instead to contribute to building back

Unitech's reputation by using your boycott to demand a full investigation of SRC and its nomination and
election process, as well as a full investigation of the 2015 finances.  Collect all the evidence while the trail
is warm so it can be presented at a formal Unitech inquiry into the corruption of the 2015 Student
Representative Council at the PNG University of Technology.  Our last words are to Unitech SRC President Richard Mabiria.  You were elected into a position of great privilege and expectation, to carry on the national symbol of excellence that the SRC the year before you earned through their bringing the Unitech Saga to an outstanding conclusion.  Why during all your years of schooling did the baby sense never let you and you have money grubbed like a small child?   You have almost singlehandedly destroyed Unitech student's reputation for fighting corruption. That damage will last for years.  We are told that hundreds of students gave their all and volunteered in the culture dances which helped attract visitors and raise more money for the show.  To what end did these students sacrifice, Mr Mabiria?   So that you could run away with show money?  Your behaviour as we know from multiple reports is pathetic beyond words.  


Richard Arthur Mabiria (RAM) was once a friend of mine but Power went to his head when he became
our SRC President. He must be reported before he does any more damage to Unitech student reputation.

Now I will say that RAM is invited to defend himself here if he feels any of what I am about to say is untrue.

I believe he will use his usual Game Plan for reply. He will run away from public discussions and tell everyones to watch out for and ignore nameless accusings on the internet.

He can try that but this is the internet and Truth seems to always come out. As the PNG blogs says the court of public opinion is the way of modern times when justice cannot happen any other way. Those of us final years remember very well Unitech Saga. Many of us have not forgotten the power of the internet and the PNGblogs when all else fails. I can be quite like everyone else and RAM gets away with his crimes or I can let God be my guide and throw out this information to the court of opinion. No body is brave enough to open up with these secrets by name but at least the truth comes out now.

I and his other friends know for a fact that RAM had Hon. James Marapes number on his phone and bragged that he could get in touch with him whenever he wanted. He always hinted he had an agreement with Hon.

SRC officers not corupted by RAM are not shy to say that the government never answered RAM's demands last month about GPA and the bad education situation at Unitech. James Marape know that RAM was in there pockets and would make sure that there was no protest against the government at Unitech.

Here are few facts that anyone can check out for themselves by asking the right people at unitech;

- SRC has not submitted any quarterly acquittal for funds this year. This was to hide money thefts.

-Isaac Kereko SRC Treasurer is in coruption with RAM in regard to SRC money.

-RAM didn't like SRC staff officer Mr Harry Chopou looking over his shoulder but laughed that Chopou was weak and easy to ignore or manipulate.

-The biggest fundraiser every year by SRC is the culture show and Independence Day celebrations. Many unitech students gave their time free to making the festivities a big success.

-RAM's plan was to take a big part of the money raised. Because this event comes close to finals and end of school year he felt smart that he could get away with it and everything would be forgotten as he was graduating anyway. Once when drinking he bragged that the administration including current VC was ALL BARK AND NO BITE.

-RAM received donation of about K20000 from MP Loujaya Kouza and another K20000 or so from
unitech to fund the show.

-Unitech administrators said there would be Independence Day holiday and Friday as a special holiday but classes on Thursday. RAM laughed and got students together to support his declaration that Thursday was a holiday to. Administration could do nothing to stop RAM.

-RAM knew that 3 days were needed to make as much money as possible to make his dream come true.

-At least K33,000 was made in just the First Day. Less on Days 2 and 3 but still adds up to about K70000 by any reasonable calculation for the full 3 days.

-Right after the festival RAM disappeared. SRC Treasurer Kereko had to approach the admintration begging them to pay some outstanding bills. This was because the money earned from the show was gone or in process of disappearing.

-People who provided service for the festival started demanding their payment. For hire cars, bands, sound system hire etc, etc etc. No one could pay them at SRC.

-SRC staff member Harry Chopou had to make a public announcement to say he would no longer see angry vendors demanding payment for their services.

-It is now 2 weeks later and nearly everyone now is looking for RAM but not to be seen.

-RAM plans to come back after everything cools down in time for finals so he can graduate. By then he reckons administration will be to busy with other things to worry about SRC and no one will be disciplined.

-RAM has told his friends at different times mi laik kaikaim moni and likes to show off his smart clothes. He has always dreamed of light office work with good pay so he can live the good life.

-When in Moresby he wants to stay in nice hotel rooms not guest house. Now it seems he had his chance to live like a king for a while in Moresby. RAM is happy he got the payoff he wanted as SRC president.

-RAM is confident that his secret plan to keep control of SRC for next year and keep getting payoffs from the government to not protest will continue. He decided which southern highlanders would run for what office, it was not a decision for the nominees.

-The plan is for next year's SRC president to demand a higher price from Hon Marape to deliver a 2016 school year with no student protests at unitech. There is confidence that the government will pay and RAM will get some money in payment for his help in setting this secret annual fee up.

Please publish this list of facts in your blogs. Anyone who thinks I have not told the whole story can comment direclty on your web site and give there side of the story. If they will not comment it is because they have no other side to the story. Future employers should learn about tru pasin of Richard Mabiria and see whether he had any defense for his actions. This is a warning to potential employers that RAM's polite ways and smart
dress hides his real intent to find ways to kisim na kaikai bikpela moni. Mabiria needs to face the police and prison for his steals.