Desperate and crook Peter O’Neil’s finger-print is evident banning Greg Egan and Terence Lombert, sacking Thomas Eluh and Timothy Gitua and now; Chief Magistrate Nerrie Eliakim is on O’Neil’s shopping list.

He tried to oust deputy Chief Justice, Justice Gibbs Salika but to no avail. Justice G. Salika was handling controversial Jimmy Maladina who is a close ally of O’Neil defrauding NPF in big time. When questioned in Parliament by Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, Peter O’Neil pretended he had no knowledge about such a scheme to oust the Deputy Chief Justice and as always, with choice of words, he played down.

When will this madness of crook Peter O’Neill end? He is having tight grip on the top cop and next is the magisterial services. He has a surprise for PNG and don’t be alarmed for his next calculative move is to instil one of his own kind (Ialibu) as Chief Magistrate. The destined candidate played a pivotal secretive part in the final outcome of his NPF fraud case that was dismissed at district committal court.

Crook O’Neil’s conspiracy is working and he could be next eying National and Supreme Court Judges. Anything is possible from this time on for his attempt was foiled. Intriguingly, next episodes will be eventful to observe as it unfolds in days ahead with unpredictable and erroneous political leadership running wild. It is a vicious act to infringe on the government arm of the justice sector.

No rationale thinking person would in his/her right frame of mind would allow offer of bribe to impair the judgement. The bureaucrats, whose names flashing across the headlines were lured with substantial to making infamous decisions. Why would G. Baki be bold as never before? Why would Mataio Rabura act in a certain way all of a sudden? Why Manasupe Zurenouc stoops too low touching on the weakest person in the society? Inanity! Insanity! Insanity! Papua New Guineans aren’t fools and can’t be easily fooled. However, an action of Baki, Rabura, and Zurenouc speaks volume they are indeed fools of the worst kind.

The worst criminal that deserves incaseration or better still put a bullet through his head is none other than Peter O’Steal. Not T. Eluh or T. Gitua or N. Eliakim for being upfront and no nonsense fighting corruption tooth and nail. They don’t deserve being put through public shame and humiliation. This absurdity is a sure sign of desperateness to grip on power at all cost.

Former leader of opposition and member for Vanimo Green Hon. Belen Nema took out an article published in Post Courier dated, Tuesday October 6, 2015, titled “Government’s Action Vengeful”. Another, spokesperson for Coalition for Trade Union, dated, Tuesday, October 6, 2015, pg 5, claimed, collapse of the rule of law is eminent. These articles were taken out in the light of recent controversial developments regarding banning Australian Lawyers (Greg Egan and Terence Lambert) and sacking of lead Fraud Squad Officers. These articles were published not being aware of Chief Magistrate Ms Nerrie Eliakim was on the firing line.
Unceremonious sacking of no nonsense Fraud Squad Officers purely for fighting a ruthless and corrupt regime and now, using the Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenouc writing to another corrupt lieutenant of O’Neil, Ano Pala to take an action deemed appropriate against N. Eliakim.

He failed to terminate the service of Task Force Sweep Chairman Sam Koim. He failed yet again tried to get Howard Maliso through Isaac Lupari to become an Ombudsman Commission but the scheme worked well in replacing Jubilee Tindiwi as acting Solicitor General with her deputy Faith Barton Keene.

Don’t these people in the scheme of O’Neil’s corruption; have any guts to show remorse and endeavour to bring to an end unabated corruption spiralling out of control from this corruption riddled government? No better time will come than this. Whilst in a responsible position, Gari Baki, Mataio Rabura, Manaupe Zurenouc and others not in the limelight are the agent for change for better governance and not an agent facilitating corruption unhindered.

Saddam Hussein was caught in a rat hole. Family never paid their last respect or said farewell tributes in his eulogy. Didn’t receive a dignified burial and to date, his graveyard remains a mystery.

The unprecedented level of corruption under wicked Prime Minister Peter O’Neil is a crime against the people of Papua New Guinea. Cabinet Ministers, members of Parliament and bureaucrats, it isn’t inadvertent but with intent and full knowledge, continue to be part of wickedly corrupt regime will not distance and say, I am not party to it. By being in government underscores the fact that all are party to the corruption. Surely you’ll have your share of the curse for the crime against humanity. If not you, your children and children’s children will bear the brunt of being part and propping a corrupt ruthless regime.