Today I was informed of a circulation in FB and PNGBLOGS.COM website on latest Paraka Lawyers claim for money at Finance again for so call outstanding unpaid bills.

Using this public forum may I confirm that this law firm unashamedly submits yet again another claim of K24.1million addressed to Finance Secretary. I was presented a copy of this claim and I feel this firm has lost its human and moral mind. For them to have the audacity to resubmit another claim after causing so much pain to some of us when in late October 2012 i instructed for State Solicitor to verify the Bills he submitted that time, yet he and few officers colluded to run four separate payments ( 14m im November 2012, 8m in Dec 2012, 6m in March 2013, 8m in May 2013).

This firms appetite for money has caused many person loss of job, many family suffer, many of us fighting to clear ourselves because the firm's continuous scrupulous manner of bill submission. The taxation matter I filled in National court is to bring this firm to the court and go back into history and check all history of payments that date back to 2005/2006. Some one needs to check how much Paraka lawyers have been paid thus far and for what work because if we don't do it now, it was my view that the firm will continue to submit bills/claims to new finance minister and secretary into the future. Their latest bill submitted last week confirms this view hence the relevance of the taxation matter I have filled in court.

This taxation matter does not stop police from investigating on who benefited with money from Paraka Lawyers and as police ( fraud squared) have on their records my push for them to investigate on monetary beneficiary of this firm. I deplore the fact that this firm again submits another claim when they have caused so much stress already to me and others. I have never come out on this matter publicly but hey I can't sit back to watch rubbish thrown at me for someone's lust for money. No as long as Iam FM this firm can as good as say they will not receive any funds.

For Paul Paraka please someone show him this write up, you might as well take up practise on other matters to make a living instead of depending on government claims. You have caused innocent public servants to lose jobs already. Your pestering of one of my deputy secretary just like you use to do to Yafai (former deputy secretary), your request for secretary Nagan to meet you outside of office will not happen, do you feel remorse that your greed has caused good man like Steven Gibson to now defend his credibility?

For me, my tribe is on standby to find you to the end of earth for your greed to put this police matter on us. We just waiting for my police matter to take its finality. I have never discussed this matter on public forum but because Iam and my department is again on public discussion after yet again another greedy claim submission of 24.1 million kina,

I am coming out publicly to let all know that stupidity and idiocy at best by Paraka lawyers in submitting yet again another claim when Paraka bills have caused many including me and PM a lot of time. Iam transferring the latest claims to police so they can see the serial claim habit of this law firm under the auspices of court order against State. Those of you my friends in those public fb sites can upload this post from me.